2019: What are your keyboard plans?


Im really on the fence on buying a ve.a 1.


2019 is going to be an exciting year for me.

Purchase Plans

  • A GMK set to fit my pink Unikorn60
  • Possibly replace my Extended 65% Southpaw with R2 of the group buy
  • ePBT Kuro/Shiro
  • Get an MT3 set


  • In-house prototype my own 60%
  • Run a group-buy for my own 60%
  • Learn KiCad and design a PCB
  • Design my own colorway for a keycap set

I’ve been in this hobby for too long without sharing and giving back to the awesome community!


My plan is ummmm…

V O L C A N O 6 6 0 F U L L B R A S S

And below my keyboards “hopes” for 2019.


  • More brass
  • More brass and more PVD.
  • More 75%/ 1800 compact and other compact layouts, eventually 65/70.
  • More top mount and gaskets
  • More thick plates
  • More hotswap eventually, not necessary tho
  • More ALF shippings, Less ALF new GBs lol
  • More Purple.
  • More Type-C and QMK.


  • Less blockers and HHKB layouts
  • Less 60% pls
  • Less plastic, less PC boards
  • Less half-plates lol
  • Less tray mount
  • Less ‘cheese’ plates
  • Rama stopping to use split backspace on everything.
  • Less Mini USB in 2019
  • Less Bootmapper in 2019

  • receive and build my TMO50
  • source some alps switches and caps and try an Alps build on the TMO as well
  • ePBT kuro/shiro!!!
  • some sorta endgame macropad of no bigger than 4x4 size??
  • maybe learn to make artisans
  • sell off some old junk finally eugh

  • Receive my Alps64 PCB
  • Desolder my old AEKII, click mod and undampen the switches
  • Try and find some OG Cherry Doubleshots
  • Hopefully find an 1800mini
  • Get a Model M with the date 9-2-??
  • Try and learn QMK
  • GMK Wavez?
  • Hopefully learn PCB design by the end of the year


I think this year I want to focus more on unique and different things. I have a pretty solid basic collection, but now I want it to be more of a reflection of my eclectic tastes. I would also like to have less ‘spur of the moment’ keyboard purchases, and try to more carefully plan out my spending.

But, as to what specifically I am planning on, some of it includes:
Rama board in a fun color
Studio Grey board
A Polycarb Board
An 1800 (bonus points if it can be one of the above)
An Amber Alps board
A pure white keycap set (Kat Alpha?)
A Grey/White set (MDA Big Bone?)
No more than 3 other keycap sets.
A Norbaforce?


This year. I need shishi. The end.


For 2019
Slim down - 1 work keyboard, 2-3 home boards, sell the rest.
Building work board soon - kbd67 forest green for my sa camping set. 72g vint blacks, healio stem for stabilized keys, especially spacebar as SA spacebars are loud!
One more board for home - 65 or 75% black that matches gmk red samurai. Hopefully some brass accents for the gold! Might aim for hotswap to continue messing around with switches.


Build all the keybaords I have been collecting parts for. I’ve sold most of unused stuff in 2018, so the plan is to save up some cash for a first high end custom.

I want to test more switches on a hotswap board. I’ve collected a lot of single switches but I haven’t tried much when it comes to full builds.


Polycarb case and brass plate or full polycarbonate?


First I’m building the KBD75 I’ve been coveting for probably over a year now. KBD75 v2 in a grey case, with Outemu Silent Skies, KPRepublic Muted, fully tuned.

Today I just started planning out a hardline hand wired 40%, that will hopefully be bluetooth, backlit, and have an OLED display. I’m really excited for it but it’s going to be SO MUCH WORK. Clear acryllic case, metal plate (havent figured out what color yet, i want it to match the hardline). I was going to do basic copper enameled wire, easy to find, and get a copper shiny plate from Laserboost, but I found out that you can get enameled wire in a bunch of colors so now I’m trying to decide if I want steel, brass, or copper plate, and if I want the wire to match or accent. SO MANY CHOICES.


2019 is the year I stop buying sub 65% and sell the boards that are. Sell all my Topre except for the fc660c. Maybe get a polycarbonate board. Only buy GMK and sell the other sets. Long live linear.


Pls no. stahp plastic


Some people love polycarbonate keyboards, they are definitely not going to replace alu ones, so I think it’d be cool to see people experimenting with materials and innovating in 2019.


To get a 60% that doesn’t leave me wanting more. Not an “end game” (it’s not a thing)… Because I do want variety, but a great board that I don’t wish had some/any sort of improvement. Unikorn and Leaf ordered. Hope to see some more Keycult product.


build a handwired Pteron variation, potentially bluetooth, using the Outemu Sky switches I’ve got at the end of last year for a good price.
Would be my first non split board, idea is to have something portable, which can also be used in front of the TV.


Either really.


RAMA is really teasing the heck out of me on Twitter


I messaged him several weeks ago about the U80 and he teased that something was in the works.



  • Finish the daily driver endgame
  • Reduce my boards to stuff I actually enjoy typing on
  • Instead of buying trash boards, get into trash macro/numpads
  • Finish the alps 60% that just seems to be going on forever and ever


  • 100% Kuro/Shiro
  • A ticket out of this dystopian hellscape that is keyboards