2019: What are your keyboard plans?


Hoping to hear more about the Rama Works U-80. Can also confirm what sivendc says, reached out to several outlets and they all said ‘soon’. Also, hope the GMK laser gets an SA reissue. Posted about it on Mito’s instagram and got a hint back from him…


Dang, SA Laser would be really neat! Or even MT3 :drooling_face:

Really hoping any new Laser (or a Round 2 of GMK Laser) stuff gets an expanded Blocknet set that includes more of the Micons that Mito has added since the first round happened, as well.


Keysets I want:
Black Lotus!
Nautilus Nightmares
Something in MT3, KAT, and MDA

Looking forward to finally getting my Fr87 and Grid 600. Extra pcbs for my CA66. Gonna build my Espectro soon too.

  • Finally build a 60% for home use, pending the arrival of Lumina
  • Get a more business-like keycap set for my work keyboard (MT3 Susuwatari!)
  • Put the more fun keycap set on the above-mentioned home keyboard
  • Maybe eventually use my XDA Scrabble set on a full-size build? Maybe sell the caps? :confused:


So my plans are now updated with SA Jukebox and some type of 1800 board.


Rama U-80 Tkl with zilent 62g v2’s and laser cyberdeck. Hope the preorder gets announced soon!


I’m going to be completing a few boards that I have been planning. I’m mostly waiting for group buys to finish. These include GMK Jamón on a white Grid 600, SA Green Screen on a black Grid 600 (or maybe Nautilus Nightmares, long term) and XDA Oblique on a Vortex Vibe, since it’s pretty similar in layout to an old Apple board I have.

I also hope to learn to solder well enough to complete a board on my own. It’s not something that I have really been too interested in doing up until now, and I think it’s possible to enjoy the hobby without being able to solder. But I do think it’s a good skill to have for repairs and the like.


My 2019 keyboard plans? Too many…

If you couldn’t tell, I’m in an ortho and split phase. Plan to switch back to 60/65% after.


Finishing the 3d printed case for my quefrency pcb.

Not buying a case/board that is not a split 60, custom topre or designed by thesiscamper, Koobaczech

NovelPro, KAT Profile in nice colors


Fixing my boards that are not working?

Nyquist macropad, GMK Wavez, and nothing else atm.


Goals: Reduce my collection.

Wants: More keyboards.



Starting with things that are coming up soon, first I plan to add USB functionality to an AEK II I bought off of some rando using a Teensy 2.0. I think I have collected enough information from the Geekhack forums in order to do this successfully, fingers crossed!

Next I would like to get my first GMK set. I thought I wouldn’t find one I liked until later in the year, but GMK Minimal has really been catching my eye lately, so I think that will be my first GMK set.

As for keyboards, before buying any new keyboards, I would like to instead get a new case and better switches for my XD75re. It has seen the least amount of love from me mainly due to the cheap keycaps and Gateron reds I put in it. It was my first keyboard after all. On top of that, the fact that it is the top-mounted case (I think?) really doesn’t lead to a good sounding keyboard. In fact, it sounds pretty bad. xvx

Those are my current plans at least as I see them now. :heart:


I am looking for 67g V1 Zilents if you’re looking to sell :grimacing:


Unfortunately I’ve only got 65g :frowning:


Starting small (literally) - Planck 6/6.1, Kotai Kuro case, 67g v2 Zealios, GMK Minimal. Also have a couple of other Plancks on order to fill with various spare keycap sets I have lying around.

I’d like to build a Levinson as well once all the parts are back in stock.


Getting my first topre. See for myself what all the hype is about


Lube & silence, that’s where the feelings begin


Lol, hopefully you’ve taken advantage of a lot of the recent GBs coming out. M60-A in Haze, Think6.5° polycarb board, GMK Minimal keycaps, etc. The one other thing I’m really hoping for is the Norbaforce. Fingers crossed!


M60 was not interesting to me, looking for something else from Rama.
I did not get the think6.5 because I don’t care for how the design has changed since the original ic. Got into the e6.5 in it’s place.
Minimal generated minimal interest in me, I did pick up Kat alpha, feels great to type on.


The U-80 is coming out soon so hopefully that delivers.