$25-ish Soldering Iron (PINECIL)

I came across this YouTube video today. The review seems quite level-headed and the iron seems quite capable/neat. Sharing this here both as something interesting to check out + for any thoughts/heat checks.

This is the product link: https://pine64.com/product/pinecil-smart-mini-portable-soldering-iron/?v=0446c16e2e66


I like the price but the problem I have with these type of soldering iron is the barrel jack which gets loose over time and slips out unnoticed while I’m moving the soldering iron around for the best angle.


Good call out, didn’t know that was an issue with these.

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I was just pointing out an issue manufacturer should address to make it better, not a reason to avoid buying one. This form factor is very convenient so I actually recommend them over getting full soldering gear.

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Am I understanding this right? This is basically a TS-100, but with more robust electronics and the ability to take USBC power… for 25 bucks?!

That’s some wow-sauce.

I’ve been using the vanilla TS-100 for a while now, and I love it. If the barrel port on mine ever wears out, I might pick up one of these provided they do take USBC power. One thing I would like to change is how the cord is the heaviest part of the whole setup!


yup. it’s good deal and more hackable. one problem, my TS-100 isn’t broken. it can go cold without me knowing thanks to loose barrel jack but not a huge issue.


Nice find @sarvopari! While my main will continue to be my venerable Hakko FX888D, I’m planning on picking one of these up soon for quick fixes. This will be much more convenient for times when I just need the iron for a few min vs having to pull out the 888D & set it up!

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Not really like the TS100, but more like the TS80 and the TS80P, which I use, that has a USB-C port for portable use. They are really nice and small/light compared to my old $20 Radio Shack soldering iron.

EDIT: Looks like it used TS100 tips, guess that is nice for people who are upgrading from that, but I do like the tips from the TS80§ because its just a 3.5mm jack.


Ohh nice, yeah carrying around my hakko was getting cumbersome. Good lookout!

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These are in stock again and I just picked up two. My cheapy iron was starting to become the weakest link in my setup!


Mine arrived:

I also bought a 60W PD brick, since I didn’t have any compatible chargers. I’ll try it out in the next week or two :nerd_face:

Did yours come straight from China?

I’ve been trying to grab one since the original announcement. Please take this down so I can grab one. kthxbai.

Any other reviews of this and any comments on the loose connections? It’s now a concerns I never thought about.

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Hello, and welcome! There’re a few reviews on YouTube (search ‘pinecil’), but no comments on the loose barrel jack that I’ve seen. It probably happens over time from the weight of the cable stressing the connection.

Ok, this thing is impressive. It heats up SUPER quick, like within seconds up to 350 C. Maybe I’ve been dealing with a really bad cheap iron, but I love it.

I’m using my MacBook Pro USB-C charger, which works perfectly and seems to draw full power. I haven’t used it very long, but the USB-C connector itself fits snugly and does not come out easily. YMMV with other cables, but it works great for me!

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Oh interesting. I tried my MBP charger, and it didn’t work. Weird. 100W?

I am using the 87W one.

Oh ok

PSA, they’re back in stock!


Yes, this iron is sweet. I’ve built two boards with this (including one through-hole kit) and I can’t see me needing more than this for just mechanical keyboard work. I like how close the grip is to the tip of the iron too.