3d Print finds

Thought it might be a good idea to start a 3d printed finds thread.

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Keycap holder. I like the design. I can’t for the life of me understand how something so big is only $15 to print plus $5 shipping. I am probably going to pull the trigger but interested to hear anyone’s thoughts

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I could have sworn that model was available on either Prusa’s model library or Thingiverse. I wonder if it got pulled in order to sell it?

Price-wise, that’s really not bad compared to some of the injection molded options. I actually think they could get away with charging a bit more. Especially considering the print time for a single, complete unit.

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Oh wait, here it is: Keycap Case by oriolmachin - Thingiverse

So they’re offering both to DIY, or buy. That’s pretty cool.


Ayyyy perfect thread to start up, I was thinking of starting one myself since I just got into 3d printing!

Not keyboard related directly, but as you go through your spools,
it’s always better to reuse than to recycle!

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Prusa did a whole design competition around re-using their spools. Which is a little easier since they’re plastic with a paperboard center spool. So you can disassemble them entirely if you want.

I was impressed with how creative people were able to get with these things. I’ve got a pile of them on the floor collecting dust that I need to deal with now.

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Prusa Mk3 checking in here. Probably the best purchase I ever made.

My first 3d print from JlCPCB arrived. The quality was excellent. It was smoother than other 3d prints I have gotten in the past in PLA or ABS. The defects around the spacebar we’re entirely my fault for doing a hasty design and they did warn me about this. Fortunately it broke off easily because it was in the way of the stab wire.

Also it was packed extremely well like way way more foam then was needed.

This was 8000 resin. 9000e resin is another affordable material they offer. This sounds like a commercial but it is more affordable then other options I have seen for bigger objects. I look forward to trying out different plate designs and printing out a case for the big switch.


That’s a pretty cool plate. 3d printing is such a convenience sometimes. I can’t imagine the machine time + costs to get the sections cut from each row :eyes:

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I need to get my 3d printer working properly so i can use it to print the switch holder design i got from switches.mx >.> the only issue is i need about 43 of them and they take like 18 hours per

What kind of fancy switch holder is this? That’s a month of nonstop printing :eyes:

Nothing too fancy a 5x5 with slots for labels


Big Switch case
File: Novel Keys Big Switch base with Arduino Micro Pro by specialk1000 - Thingiverse
Ordered from JLCPCB resin printed (holds an elite c inside)
Considering adding some wheel weights, LEDs and possibly dyeing in the future)


So in theory, can I really just harvest a M0110, print this out, and let my inner 80’s retro adolescence relish a 2.25u left shift and dedicated arrow keys?

Has anyone gave this a go?

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I don’t know if it’ll fit on my build plate, but if it can, I’ll try it out this weekend.

Otherwise I need to learn how to slice it in half and then rejoin it together after printing

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With the right attitude, anything can be an artisan

although a 3d printed canoe clone is interesting :thinking: maybe I should take a crack at it

Although this is an interesting take on the design

Or a simple 60% take on the design

Hmmm. Depending on the filament color/finish, just printing keycaps could be fun too for a macropad or something

Also. You know those toggle switches with the covers? I guess we can do that with switches now too

High profile case for atreus 62

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Here’s the collection of Keyboard related designs I’ve created.


The Prusa site is definitely seeing more and more mechanical keyboard related prints as well. Probably more than a few coming over from Thingiverse.


I’d love to know. I’ll order one up in an heartbeat if it works.

The best part is that it is non-destructvie. So you could keep the original board, switches, and caps.

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