A new lube and lubing technique

Here I introduce an idea for quickly loading your lube applicator between switches.

I also introduce a new type of Krytox oil, Krytox 157 FSH, that beads up less and sticks to switch parts better than most other oils.

Here are the applicators:

Here is the sheet of silicone I used:

Here is one source for the oil:


Interesting! Any plans to subject the lube to a stress-test of sorts?

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Hmm… I think we need someone to make these and sell them with lube included! Thanks for sharing. I think the applicators are mainly used in the medical profession (especially dentistry). I have a 1500 pack that looks the same but blue and says “dental applicators.” I know i’ve seen them used at the dentist to apply topical numbing cream.

Looking forward to seeing your impressing of this new oil in a full board.

Just ordered the micro applicators to give it a try myself!

Will probably order the oil as well since I’m completely out of oils now.

What was the silicone sheet for?

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When you pull the applicator through the slit in the silicone, after it has been dipped in the oil, the silicone slit sort of squeegees most of the excess lube off the applicator leaving (hopefully) just enough on there to do 1 switch.

The intention is to get a somewhat consistent amount of lube onto the applicator quickly

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I’d like to see how this works out - mainly how the applicators work to see if they’re worthwhile. Using some sort of cotton-swabby-thing sounds really interesting to me, but I worry if any cotton bits get into switches. I might try lubing things with some straight up mini swabs and oil, especially if they don’t “contaminate” the switch much at all. I would use those applicators, but single-use plastic tools seem like quite the waste to me and I don’t want to have to deal with that much trash, especially since my inquisitive kitten has taken to stealing my things and hiding them.


I think you could probably do a whole set one switches with one applicator. Not sure how they they’ll last though, I’ll have to see over time.

I got the idea to use them from others in the community who use them, such as Zeal and Hineybush, so I guess they have had good results with them so far.

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I’ve used these applicators since the start. I’ve lubed 9 or 10 boards with them. They work great. They aren’t cotton, but synthetic. They don’t leave lint.

Okay, you’ve sold me. I’ve had issues with my brushes before, so hearing this means they’re worth a shot in my book,

It looks like it works fine with thin oil lube, but can it also be used for thicker (grease like) lube as well?

The applicators work fine with things like 3204, but I don’t know about the method with the silicone sheet. I’m guessing it might take too much off when you pull it out. Maybe you could make the hole bigger to only remove some of the lube?

Mine are blue, but I’m pretty sure they are the exact same thing.

I think if the grease is thick enough a depression would form in the grease in the bottom of the container after a while and you wouldn’t be able to dip the applicator any more, or you’d have to stir the grease or something.

So I’m thinking this would only work with the oils or thinner greases like grade 00, but i haven’t tried it with thick grease yet.

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So you are using this applicator without the silicone in this case?

Thank you for the answer !

Yep. I just load it carefully so that you never put too much lube in one switch. Less is almost always safer than more when it comes to switch lube

FSH 157 is very expensive - about three times the price of regular Krytox. I’d love to try it out but I’ll need to wait until I have more money.

Yeah 105 or 205g0 both work fine as long as you get legit stuff.

We’ve seen some 105 purchased on Ebay that beaded up REALLY bad though and wouldn’t stay put on the stem, so YMMV

I bought some 105 on Amazon and it sticks almost as well as the 157.

I have some other oil that was sold as Krytox 107 on Taobao and it beads up like crazy, it’s almost like water in comparison.

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Never thought of this, but it would be ridiculously easy to sell much cheaper oils or hell even water as supposed Krytox oil. Guess it was only a matter of time before scammers hoped on it… :disappointed: