A Thread on Topre Modding

Ah 205g0 is a bit too runny in my experience for stabs. Great for 1U but you’ll want a more viscous lube for your stabs. For overall housing rattle you could try gaskets but yes, you do end up weighing if you want to risk any more noise or issues by reseating everything or just dealing with the occasional sound.

I drown my stab wires in XHT-BDZ. Any remaining ticking or noise I ascribe to wonky keycaps, which I think gets too little attention when it comes to unwanted stab noises.

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Sorbo or some type of foam in keycaps. I use this thin foam tape that has helped with > 1u keycap noise (sorbo in the spacebar). I also do some stupid mod to the stems to help improve the random clack from an upstroke of any key, but I wouldn’t recommend that mod at all (probably better off using a thin o-ring tbh).


link to foam tape? i’m down if it’s reversible and doesn’t leave the cap covered in adhesive

Don’t have a link, sorry. It was some leftover stuff I had for some home improvement stuff.

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Awesome thread and suggestions! I think I’m unlikely to disassemble the board anytime soon, so I might not try reapplying lube to the stabs. On the other hand, the foam in keycaps sounds like something worthwhile doing! Perhaps reducing the empty space in larger mod keys might help to mitigate some of these problems :smiley:

Interested to hear about the upstroke clack mod. My new 980c has keycaps that make a high pitched noise on upstroke only on R2 (zxcv row). Only happens with the one set. Put another 980c set on it and no noise.

My theory was that the stems fit a bit loose in the plunger housings that cause them to rattle a bit on the up stroke, so I put a little painters/masking tape on the bottoms of the stems of the keycaps (as like a cushion dunno what I was thinking I just believe tape can solve any problem) and it worked with the keycaps that made the noise.

I went through my entire board to find the keys that made that noise and did the mod to them as well and found that it reduced the frequency of it by a lot.

Then I was like fuck it just do it to all the keys.

I don’t recommend it at all cause a) I don’t know if it works at all or is just a placebo and b) it makes removing caps so much harder and I feel like I’ll break the stems every time. I feel like using o-rings or something would solve the issue and be less scary.


With the recent proliferation of tape-based mods with frankly astonishing results, I think these are wiser words than you think!

I have also done a similar tape-mod to some of my keycap stems and it totally eliminated excess noise FWIW where everything else was fixed. I agree there must be something inconsistent with how stems are fitting in the slider housings, especially with more aftermarket keycaps.


kinda curious, but has anyone ever replaced all their topre screws with hex screws?
I just like hex screws cause the head doesn’t strip

I have PTSD from Topre screws…

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