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I am logo4poop and as someone more active in the discord I am excited to see what you offer.

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Hey guys, I’m Gary and I live in Oregon. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during covid. Cheers

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Hello KT~
I’m ECZACTLY, and that name is not a typo.

Hello, I’m MurdocN, I just recently started in this hobby. Apart from the hobby itself, which I have a long way to go to understand and educate myself, I also fell in love with the community and it’s positivity :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

I am loop and I am part of our design group called esc lab

Our goal is to design simple, beautiful, and functional products, and share it with this welcoming community. We recently launched our IC for Series 00. You can find our website in my profile if you are interested. We will post another update on Keebtalk once we receive our prototypes! Also when I have enough karma on this board to post, haha…

Nice to meet you all and to learn from you all :slight_smile:

  • loop

Hi, Keebtalk -

I’ve always loved the sound and feel of certain keyboards, but until I took part in the gaming community (some will recognize the reference in my name) that I learned of mechanical keyboards and the following they receive. With some searching to learn, I stumbled on this community.

I ordered a Keychron K2 as my first mechanical one (ok, I started with a Logitech G915) for the 75% size, and brown switches. It should be arriving today. The keycaps will be arriving the beginning of December.

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I’m Quartzi, a new member. Nice to meet you guys


Hello all! Super pleased to be here and starting my journey into the custom world! I came to this forum thanks to Taeha’s videos in hopes of growing my knowledge and finding a home in the community while I begin this quest. I have deeply loved mechanical keyboards ever since I built my first computer around 2014, and I purchased the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate that was new at the time. Currently I’m typing this on the 2019 ish Blackwidow Tournament and I still love it, but it really misses the personal feeling and connection that a custom can bring I believe.

I’m completely new to all of this and going into it blind with only a slight knowledge of the anatomy of a custom, and some knowledge of switches like the Cherry series and some names like Holy Panda etc. I’m open to any and all advice and whatever else anyone can offer! Thanks for having me and I hope to make some friends and become a key supporter in this community!


Hey users of KeebTalk,

I go by my username aeiu (ayy-u or however you like to pronounce it, I never thought of the "correct way to do so) and I’m from Malaysia. I started to engage myself in this hobby around mid till late 2021.

I’ve been using mechanical keyboards since 2015, and hasn’t stopped since. After learning about the custom mechanical keyboard community, I’ve found a place for this hobby in my heart. I’m planning for my journey to be full of learning experiences, and I can’t wait for what comes ahead!

Thank you!


Dearest Keebtalk,
I’m an enthusiast from the UK.
I’ve been a mechanical keyboard user for around 15 years, starting with a Model M, then a Filco Majestouch, and currently a Vortex Race3. I’m only just getting into building however.
I have a kit on the way, but longer term I’m interested in learning to machine my own cases and plates.

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Hi everyone!

I am Hansi, i’ve been a keyboardhead since i first touched it and played video game when i was a child . I keep my life and career driven by my enthusiasm, i used to dismember and rebuild countless keyboards, motify and design my keyboards. Recently i start working with Skyloong team, i know maybe some of you guys already heard of us or even bought one. Now we are constructing our official online store, more customized keyboards will be released then. I am really thankful for this community, where we can gather around!

Nice to meet you all!

Hello, Peter from Mechfashion here. I make/produce sleeves, clothing and accessories for mechanical keyboards enthusiasts. :sunglasses:


Yet another newbie who’s here to learn and possibly get on board with the custom mech building hobby.

As a teen I was into MMOs and crazy enough for a time not to use a mouse at all for some reason, I felt comfortable keeping everything on the board instead. This naturally affected my chances of becoming any good at it ( :melting_face:), but made me start appreciating the keyboard as a tool in and of itself. I’ve left MMOs behind for a long time now, but that sense of appreciation is still holding on.

Since building my own pc for work/gaming not so long ago, I got intoxicated with the feeling of “making my own stuff”, which naturally brought me here.

Hope to have a nice chat with you all beautiful people and a heartfelt thank you for putting your skills, enthusiasm and resources out there.

Hi Everyone! I’m Marco (Alias KHOR) a Cable Maker from Italy :it:

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Hello all! Sorry to revive such an old thread lol. I’m RGBruh aka Noah. I have a small collection of keyboards including a Sonnet, Odin V2, and Bolsalice, and a dangerous habit of buying switches that I don’t need :sweat_smile:. I work as an IT consultant during the week and I enjoy cars and running/hiking. I’ve recently gotten into watches and watch straps, and I’m a novice audiophile