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Keebtalk is the home for computer keyboard enthusiasts online. We’re a friendly, community-owned space whose mission is to share information, to support each other and our shared interests, and to facilitate making better keyboard hardware.

Our story

Keebtalk was created by a group of enthusiasts who have been passionately involved in the hobby since the early days of the keyboard community. We believe that keyboards are really important: they are our connection both to friends and to people we have never met around the world, and they are objects with which we have a powerful tactile—and thus very personal—daily relationship.

Maybe it’s the very premise of a hobby based on instruments of human connection, but the keyboard community is also one of the kindest, most open, and most welcoming groups of people any of us have had the pleasure to know. One of our goals is to make sure that this philosophy is core to any online community we are involved in—making certain that people always come first.

This is why we have been disappointed in the direction that certain venues for online discussion of this passion have taken; they seem unworthy of this awesome collection of people. This hobby was built on the passions and efforts of countless individuals (hobbyists, professionals, and many in between), having thoughtful discussions, teaching one another, and spending every day pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of input devices.

Our goal with Keebtalk is to create an open, free online space that finally gets things right.

Our promise

We believe that an online community is comprised by the spirit of its members and their interactions; it isn’t something that can be bundled up, commodified, and sold. Keebtalk is a nonprofit entity whose sole objective is to serve the desires of the keyboard community, governed in transparency by a board of trustees charged with executing that mission. It is not and will never be for sale to the highest bidder, at any price.

Rather than giving in to the compromises of ads or conceding control of our site to a single company and its commercial interests, Keebtalk will ask for support from the wide pool of large professional vendors who have grown out of our community. This will provide a stable source of revenue to pay for our hosting costs, but (importantly) without granting control or undue influence to any one company. Any revenues will always be exclusively committed to covering expenses for the continued operation of the community.

If keyboards are all about connection, collaboration, and fellowship, it seems only fitting that those of us who care deeply about these objects should have a place to gather online befitting of that noble purpose. Keebtalk seeks to be that place. We invite you to join us in crafting the next era in this hobby we all so dearly love.

Getting started

Before participating here, please read our community rules and guidelines, and then think about introducing yourself to the community. :slight_smile:

A great way to get acquainted with the breadth of the content on the site, is to browse by category.


Thanks for the welcome!

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Maybe it’s just me—but when I saw “Mission – Keebtalk”, it made me think of a big Mission Control room full of people wearing glasses and ties, typing away on ultra-dependable (e.g. Hall Effect, buckling spring) keebs, the whole place filled with delightful clickety-clackety sounds. Which, of course, those peeps were too busy to notice and appreciate—but still, right? It’s a nice vision. In fact, if anyone’s interested, I have a couple of convincing-looking fake ID badges, if any of you would like to slip in and station yourselves at an unused console.

thx for the introduction on what keebtalk is about


I met a special someone out of the blue today, who is enthusiastic as stated in the「WELCOME」. A charming boy of the same age as myself, but got himself on a high mission in business and life. Enthusiasts never die and they can always influence those around them. Luckily I got into his amazing wonderland and got to know such mechanical keyboards and such a community.


GUYS I GOT THE GLARSES NAME WOOOO (Sidenote, holding it hostage)


wonderful! :crazy_face: