Keebtalk, Taking Steps in the Right Direction (9/27/18 Update)

Hello everyone,

Manofinterests aka Huey here with some positive news!
We have initiated and filed the relevant paperwork we need to proceed down the path of being a nonprofit!

The board of directors and I have filed the paperwork and sent it off to be processed. Hopefully we’ll hear any updates in the next couple weeks. It should just be another round of paperwork or two and then we should be solid :slight_smile:

We’re still working on making sure we stick true to our mission and our promise, and we will continue to strive for our best.

As another update, we’re currently running our Logo Contest! with a GMK Camping set as the grand prize for the submission we ultimately choose as our logo.

I hope you all continue to use and enjoy the site.

Best Regards,

Huey aka Manofinterests