KeebTalk logo contest — win community glory, and a GMK Camping set

At the latest KeebTalk board meeting we all remarked that the logo that we hastily threw together when the site was launched has lingered around far longer than we had intended or thought it would. (Also, for some reason, our esteemed board president, @Manofinterests, seems to really not like it. :man_shrugging: :slightly_smiling_face:) We entertained the possibility of commissioning a single designer to make a refinement/replacement, but then it occured to us that perhaps a more community-driven approach would be better, given the premise of KeebTalk.

Hence a contest. The premise is quite simple: for folks with design skills, we invite you to come up with a new logo for KeebTalk and post it here in this thread. Deadline is 21 October, at which point I’ll organize the candidates into a poll and we can all vote on what we want the new logo to look like (and, yes, the current/old logo will be one of the options).

The winner gets a new GMK Camping set, generously donated by, and eternal keyboard fame and glory. :medal_sports: :sunglasses: :medal_sports:


I think it might be helpful to provide some loose guidelines for things like dimensions or potential placement.


Quite a prize! Very cool. :smiley:

I think we’re pretty flexible, actually. I would personally be inlined to leave it up to designers how they approach the submissions. Participants can make a more graphical design to which the word “KeebTalk” is added or they can just do something purely typographical like the current logo, or some sort of hybrid. One thing that they should bear in mind, however, is that Discourse lends itself best to a logo that can exist as both a full horizontal version and a smaller more square or round 1:1 proportions collapsed logo.

Here what the full horizontal version looks like now:

and the the collapsed version (which you see alongside the thread title when you scroll down into a page)

On another forum I run, here is how we approached it:


This is perfect in terms of requirements.

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Normal: keebtalk-logo-rev1

Square: keebtalk-square



Hopefully the speech bubbles read as a keycap. I’ve been staring at it too long to tell.

And I can’t post multiple images or links as a new user, but the square version is the same without text.


Wow, this is one hell of a start, everybody! :astonished: Keep 'em coming.

I actually don’t mind the current logo. Maybe we don’t have to stray to far from it. Hastily put some ideas down:

Could collapse to a single 1:1 “K” ofc.




Is it possible to have different logo versions for the light and dark theme? Otherwise I think it’s important to take into consideration that the logo has to work with both.

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Just throwing some ideas…





I might make new ones next month if I got some time :slight_smile:


I could see any of these working great (not just for this forum either; maybe a mobile phone company! :laughing:. I’m partial to the last one. Great work as usual biip.

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@biip these are some great options. I quite like #1/2. Unorthodox “t”, but interesting.

@_TC omg so creepy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:

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I may add colors later if you guys think it’s needed.




Oh dang… I really like 2 and 6 :open_mouth:

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  1. :+1:
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All of these are outstanding. It will be very difficult to decide which to pick when poll arrives.

Option for your consideration.
Couple of things I’d still like to fine tune.