Keebtalk Logo Contest Official Poll: Vote Here for our new Logo!


Hello everyone,

Thanks to the wonderful post that @norbauer has started, it seems like we have some AMAZING entries for the new logo. This post will be the official poll for the community to decide our new logo.

The finalists here were selected by the Keebtalk board comprised of myself, @olivia , @TaehaTypes , @lekashman , and @norbauer. We have selected these entries and want to know from YOU which one should replace the thing in the top left corner.

We have quite a bit of great options and here they are! Please review all of these before voting. Special shout out to everyone who submitted a submission into the contest.

Great job to both @Sourdrop and @biip! Which one of these 4 logos will adorn the top of our page? You decide!

Option 1: Sourdrop #2


Option 2: Biip#6


Option 3: Sourdrop Logotype


Option 4: Biip ‘K’ Logo



  • Sourdrop #2
  • Biip #6
  • Sourdrop Logotype
  • Biip “K” Logo

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I preferred biip #2 but he’s literally design jesus so i don’t really care

I love the extensibility of biip K


I like Blip K but it looks like Kickstarter logo … will it end up being too similar?



I don’t think so, Kickstarter’s K is way more bolder. Mine is also a different idea based on gradients I’d say.


This will be the second most difficult vote I participate in this year … :laughing:


Talk about losing by a landslide! :sweat_smile:
Congrats @biip :+1:


Thanks man!
Congrats to everyone who contributed :slight_smile:


I feel so bad, but I can’t find it right now. Option 4 probably isn’t a good idea. I saw a nearly identical logo in the wild that is the same exact thing except it is in the shape of an N same thickness/rounded ends/ and even the same color gradient showing off a pseudo brushstroke. I think it is a korean company as I was watching vlive a couple days ago.


Unless anything major changes, will close the poll in a day or two.


Has the poll officially closed now? Looks like we have a winner :smiley: