Abs mt3

Edit: re-named this thread per @Manofinterests’s suggestion.

I’ll happily criticize Dorp every time they come up in conversation, but they do have exclusive rights to one of my favorite profiles at the moment - now in two of my favorite classic colorways;

To Derp’s credit, they gave those of us who patiently waited 2 or so years for MT3 Susuwatari a coupon worth up to $120 on MT3 ABS kits this year, and this is what I’ve been waiting to use it on. Apparently there’s another colorway coming this year called Carmillo, but the name is all they’ve shared in the way of details. Maybe I’ll like it, maybe I won’t - but I’m always going to like black and white.


This is a case of me likey but don’t need as I’ve got more sets than I can use right now.

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Really like the white on black. Looks classy and vintage. Hope we will see some C64 caps in this profile one day



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I read somewhere in drop’s discussion page on WoB or BoW today that Camilo is beige alphas with grey mods. They’re also gonna run a Jukebox colorway. Whichever comes first, the WoB ortho set or Carmilo is gonna get my money.

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Yeah the WoB looks really nice and I’d like to try an ABS MT3 set as PBT isn’t my favorite, but like do I really need another keyset right now (especially WoB)? I’ll probably end up passing…

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I caved… I too have more sets than I know what to do with (even owning close to 20 boards :woozy_face::rofl:), but just couldn’t resist the MT3 BoW goodness that ships within a week! I’ve been wanting to try MT3 for a hot min too, that plus it being decently priced & in stock, divided by my common sense equaled me pulling the trigger on a set. So help me god, if dorp figures out a way to botch this…


What’s this about having too many keycaps? Humbug. Just keep buying. Sheesh. Trying to apply logic to this hobby. Nonsense!

I mean, last I did some rough math it was around $10k sitting in tubs in the closet. But the thing is… I found a way to add more tubs! So white on black and 3277 are buys for this guy. I bet I can even start putting tubs in the upstairs closets too!



Lol, unfortunately I believe this is the correct answer.

Btw folks, if you haven’t tried SA Snow Cap from Signature Plastics yet I highly recommend you navigate yourself over to pimpmykeyboard and getcha some. They are imo the best quality hipro caps I’ve tried to date - nice and chonky and very nice texture. You’ll understand once you get them.


I’m not gonna lie … I’ve already purchased MT3 WOB and BOW, at 7:01 A.M. PST.

I can finally make the classic 3278-style keyset I’ve wanted to.

I’m told Carmilo is an Olivetti-style colourway. That’s fine, but I’m waiting for Dasher/Dancer.

Ironically, this was a 1-day turnaround from learning about availability, and buying it, whereas the dev/tty I ordered during the summer is still in production.


Still waiting on my Dev/tty to see if I actually like MT3…

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Any MT3 set is nothing to me if it doesn’t have a Super Homing kit

What if… MT3, but every key is Homing except F and J


Me, enjoying MT3 homing keys


hmm… not that i was planning on using it for such, but I don’t believe the sets have 1800 support. Also, sadly, appears to have no R1 delete, like I tend to use for 65% layouts. Top row on MT3 is R0, so you can’t put the R0 in the R1 spot. Guess you can put the “Any Key” there :slight_smile:

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i actually like R1 delete too but it’s pretty rare to find. MT3 has it usually on the extras kit but no extra kits for this =( I still bought the BoW set and may still buy the WoB too.


My BoW set got delivered today! Really surprised how fast they got it out & too me. Will post pics when when I get home from work. :+1:


Sweet! Ha, mine was a few towns over yesterday but now it’s a couple states away - the mail works in mysterious ways. :stuck_out_tongue: Still, looks like they will arrive this week which is pretty exciting. Not a bad move for Droop to wait until they had them on-hand before listing them.


And… another white set that i have to buy. Letsgo


So so true, cause I got played today LOL! :clown_face: For whatever reason it was showing as delivered earlier today, then when I got home & couldn’t find a package I was like “oh shit, here we go with dorp again…”. Thankfully after double checking the tracking it’s now showing as being delivered tomorrow. If that’s the worst part of this buy for me I’ll take it, a big improvement from my last dorp purchase! :rofl:

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