Adhesive Adjustable Feet / Legs

So I delivered a keyboard to a customer yesterday, and when I asked him today how it had been treating him, he mentioned needing a bit more angle. He went with a basic plastic 60% case, so I think stock the thing has a 4 or 5 degree typing position.


It’s not the cheapest option, but I did find a useful dodad for situations like this; some adhesive 3-position feet not too unlike you’d find on a Ducky:

Edit: these are way too big for a keyboard. Bump-ons it is.


I feel like some kind of 3d printed doohicky that can tilt your keyboard (positive or negative) would probably be the best in cost effectiveness; although 3d printed objects are often extremely lacking in durability which might be a concern if a heavy custom keyboard will be typed on it for lengths of time


you don’t get as much adjustment but some version of these were pretty popular a few years ago when everyone was making acrylic sandwhiches.


still a helpful tip, thank you. i went with clear adhesive bumps/risers to elevate my Heavy-6 more, but folding feet are nicer and stow away.

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Ya, I use those aluminum guys on one of my heavy metal keebs. You guys will see that one eventually whenever GMK-Mecha claws its way out of production delays… :robot: :purple_circle: :green_circle:


I just use one or more layers of foam when I need more angle. Cheap and non-slip. Some come with adhesive but, if not, use double-sided tape. If softer bottom-out is not your preference, use layers of wood or plastic will do.


Honestly this is a good ideal. I think if you printed a couple solid wedges, that would alleviate the durability problem.

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I’ve used “sorbothane feet” for flat bottom boards before (specifically a stacked acrylic alice and an Orange 75). and I found that they worked pretty well, they even have some give so it can replicate a soft typing feel. The downside is that they are a little bit sticky and pick up stuff that’s on your desk.

Something like this (there are different sizes which should give you a different typing angle):


Thanks for suggesting these - the client ended up going with them and is happy with how the sorbothane behaves. :+1:


awesome! the cool thing is that they provide a bouncy experience even though the mod is external.

Hopefully it will be a while before he realizes how sticky they become :eyes:


Yeah! He specifically liked the bounciness.

I guess I’m not too worried about that - we’re pretty used to dust up in in this madhouse.


Late to the party here, but I have some of these I keep around to make keyboards higher if they need to be :sunglasses: