Alps switch opener?


So I really want to try Alps, managed to get a decently priced apple keyboard, however the switches definitely need some cleaning.
Is someone selling a switch opener that works for Alps?
Is there any other way to get one or make a DIY version or something?


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TheKeyCompany has 3D printed ALP switches openers right now. The site is a bit confusing though cause they are also selling the ALPS Nexus sliders & housings on it as well. Select the opening tool & select 1 for both quantity boxes for it to be able to be added to your cart.

oh wow, thanks!
Those nexus sliders and housings look really interesting :slight_smile:
Have you tried them?

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No problem! Yes, I got 50 of the sliders from the OG GB so I could use some MX artisans with my ALPS boards. The sliders themselves work pretty good & are very smooth, but the cruciform mount is a bit too big & can crack key cap stems unless they are shaved down a bit. Also the Nexus top housings are kinda necessary if you plan on using the sliders with more than a few switches. MX mount caps will catch on the stem opening of the stock ALPS top housing & Cherry profile caps catch on the outside edges of stock ALPS top housings. So I’d say they are worth it if you plan on just using them with a few keys, but it would better to wait for Rd.2 with the kinks worked out if you want to run them on a whole board.

I bought mine from a guy near me that did a small group buy for some acryllic ones. He says he can probably do a small run if you want. Benefit of his is you can open the alps on the board as well as in hand. I have a couple and they’re great and really tight in a good way.

His site is: Contact info is there.

Pics of the final product here:

He might be willing to remake some of the other stuff he has on his site too. I’d say get in touch with him. His prices are good too.

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I used two razor blades last time I did it. Followed the instructions in this video: Alps switches; cleaning, maintenance and restoring clickiness/tactility tutorial - YouTube

Thanks guys, I just realized the shipping to the UK is crazy though ($15 with the key company).
Which means they are going to kill me in customs as well…
So hard to be a keyboard addict in here :sweat:
I’m going to have to find the way to have something printed/cut here in the UK

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Damn, sorry man didn’t realize you were across the pond. If it’s not realistic to have one of the TKC’s tools shipped to you there is always the old toothpick/cocktail stick way of opening them up. Chyrosran22’s video here does a pretty good job of explaining it. I’d also watch his teardown video on ALPS switches. Between the two of them you should fully understand how ALPS switches work & go together.

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I have a 3D printed one sitting here, I could send it to you if you want.

It’s this one:

Oh wow, thanks so much!
Are you in Europe?
pming you, if you are not in Europe maybe you can tell me how you get one printed