[US-ME] [H] Paypal/Venmo [W] ALPSENER or other alps switch opening tool

Might be a long shot, but I’d love one of u/titaniumsack’s ALPSENER tools (I checked, they are not currently being produced). @stevesie, do you not want yours anymore or do you have an extra? (I saw you mentioned it in this thread)

Thekeycompany’s Alps opening tool is also currently out of stock.

One of the things I like about the ALPSENER tool is that it allows you to open the switch while it’s still mounted, unlike MX switches which pretty much have to be removed from the plate/desoldered.

Let me know if you find one; I’d like one too lol

FYI, Deskthority user Orihalcon is selling Alps openers in his eBay store. You might want to grab some. I know I will.

Link: ALPS Switch Opener Tool to Disassemble, LINEARIZE, Modify, Clean Switches Blue | eBay


Thank you! Not too bad… $10.35 with shipping and tax. There’s a few left; perhaps some of you fine folk want to grab them? Pinging @francozfr4

Orihalcon didn’t have any Model M/Model F boards today, which is good for my wallet!

I’d love to grab some myself weren’t it for my country’s postal service not operating due to COVID. :expressionless:

Hopefully, orihalcon will make more of them in the not-so-distant future. :slight_smile: