An unasked for viewpoint from a mostly lurker user on other forums

Hi All,

I just wanted to put in my $0.02 about this whole thing after the sale of GH and how I feel as a user of most of the keyboard forums/sites and a community member that’s hoping to get more into the community.

Originally, I was with @spacewolfplays that it should be a thought out process with everyone getting together or a few community pillars getting together (like a board or something) and making a true community driven site. For better or worse, whatever you think about it, we can’t change the fact now KT (I actually like the KT shortening) is here and there’s quite a few people here trying to make it a good place, many of whom I know from other forums/sites/etc.

There’s no going back. Only going forward. No matter what you thought, the biggest stream about keyboards advertised this forum and now it has a lot of people here.

We all know that this is made in response to fear that GH is going to be more commercialized by MD and become a place that is about money rather than about the community.

What I think we should be focusing on is what we can make this site about. I don’t think it should be focused on as an alternative to GH, but rather something that’s similar and complimentary. And if in the future GH becomes an issue, then hopefully this place would have gathered people and be a stable platform for people that are interested in leaving GH can come to easily.

I know that there are layout and design issues, including the painful white background that’s default and the default infinite scrolling (if you haven’t seen the other posts by now, go to Settings>Interface and change your theme to dark and default homepage to categories.)

And I know that there are worries about the three who started the site all being vendors (whether you consider them successful or not) and influences inherent in their decisions.

I hope that the creators and mods (and whatever they come up with for a board) continue to be transparent and continue to move to a truly community driven and modded forum.

In the end we’re all human, a lot of us fear change, and a lot of us fear change that we don’t have any control over more.

There will be some growing pains, and that’s also fine. As a community, we should be on top of them and work as best we can together to ease those pains. Even Walt Disney and John Hammond had issues in the beginning (granted a blanket statement of “spared no expense” while clearly underpaying your tech guy is not a good comparison, but I wanted to make a Jurassic Park comment)

If you have a complaint about the name, it feels to me like you’re being a little nitpicky, especially since the major names in this game are geekhack, deskthority, and /r/mechanicalkeyboards. All either not saying anything about keyboards or horribly unoriginal. But people stuck with those forums because of the content, not the name. I think it’s okay and at least kinda tells you what goes on here. Plus, I know everyone’s gonna be calling it KT just like they do GH and DT and /r/mk anyway.

I’ll end my long ramble here by saying give it some time, a litle bit of a chance, mabe give some content, feedback here and there, and maybe we can take this model, or misshapen ball of clay, and turn it into something we all like and maybe do some things differently than in other forums/sites. A community driven place is just that, driven by the community.

TL;DR: Take a deep breath and give it a chance. It may not be optimal or what you wanted, but it’s here and it can only get better if we try. Also, references.

P.S. But why male models?

**edit: Sometimes I forget where I was going with something, so feel free to ask questions and disagree. I’ll look at it from your view and let you know what I think.

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Hi stevesie,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We, the board, always planning on being transparent and open to hearing suggestions and recommendations from the community.

I think herding more users toward this post

Would help them out in the short term. Also the site tutorial that people can start from the bot PM’ing new accounts also helps people learn basic discourse features.

On Monday there will be more information out that will hopefully answer some questions (while raising others).

We are dedicated to our mission and I’m happy you are enthusiastic about it. I agree growing pains exist, but it is our plan to work past them to the best of our ability in order to continually strive for success. Thanks for your feedback and please don’t hesitate to continue to use the Site Feedback section. It’s been a great section for us to gauge the interest and desires of this growing community.

Thank you.

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Is there a way that that post can be stickied? Or at least a link in the information post that new members will see?

I agree that that post is very helpful. I’ve been using it myself when I get stuck.

I look forward to seeing where this all goes. Thank you for your response.