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Where’s the Weebtalk?

I did not like the ending of Darling in the Franxx, show peaked at the Gran Crevasse and ran out of (vaguely coherent) story.

I watched 7 eps of Tokyo Ghoul Root A yesterday because I tried watching re and it seems I forgot everything. It’s better than I thought it was.

Shin Sekai Yori is the greatest thing since like 1998 change my mind. I don’t even like Dvořák that shit is still cash

I unabashedly enjoy Madoka Magica.


That’s an excellent choice, after watching I had to try Aldonah.Zero and Psycho Pass but Urobuchi hasn’t reached that level again.

I’m watching 3d real girl at the moment and couldn’t help but start rewatching asterisk wars when i came across it on netflix

Some of my favorites include Chihayafuru, Nana, baccano, 91 days, nodame cantabile, ghost hunt, kaichou wa maid sama, psycho pass and hachimitsu no clover. I am not much for the more popular anime I guess. :smiley:

Too many good shows to list, really. One thing I can recommend is watching some currently airing shows if you aren’t already. Sounds like you watched Darling in the FranXX, but that was popular enough that maybe you just heard of it by chance. You can view per-season shows on livechart. It can be fun to watch one or two dozen shows that sound interesting as they air. You end up finding a lot of interesting stuff, because only having to watch one episode a week means if you stay caught up you can manage to watch a lot more total shows at once than you probably would watching already finished shows. Sometimes a show looks only a bit interesting, and you give it a shot just because it’s airing. I’ve found a lot of shows I’ve enjoyed this way, so I find watching airing stuff to be more rewarding than just looking at what people happen to recommend.

Hakumei to Mikochi was a show I watched when it aired a season or two ago, and it was amazing. I can’t say I would’ve watched it if I’d just found it on its own, but I tend to watch a lot of airing shows at a time.

I watch more current shows than I used to, which is not at all. I don’t like having to wait. I’ll be watching BNHA and TG:re when it comes back. I have no shortage of things to catch up on, like Steins;Gate. The VN is proving time consuming and the second one has been out for a month already.

Currently binging Boku no Hero, got through the first season last night and planning to put in more work today.

Watched the first two seasons of Tokyo Ghoul awhile back and haven’t been interested in the new one since I thought those ended perfectly fine.

I ought to watch Overlord and catch up on Shingeki but I probably won’t take the time to after the current binging.

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Currently waiting for the latest arc of Onepiece to finish up so I can binge that. Just finished up to the current season of Fairy Tail and same for Seven Deadly Sins (at least what’s on Netflix).

I have too many shows on the backlog to list here. Can’t seem to find enough time to do everything these days.

I forgot about that show, you really backed my log

Lol. it’s too easy to get your log backed with anime. I do endorse Seven Deadly Sins though, I really enjoyed it.

i love emilia


Shameless plug for the Fate series by Type Moon. Go watch that shit if you haven’t already!

If you want something more normal, I would 100% recommend Ping Pong the Animation!

Well, finished binging all the available episodes of Boku no Hero Wednesday night, watched Steamboy last night since it’s been on my list for awhile now. Thinking of grabbing something else off my list to binge now or I could fix my sleep schedule. Decisions, decisions :thinking:

You won’t

donut gets it :smiley: all the good stuff

If you like the cerebral stuff, anything Ghost In The Shell is excellent.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next season of Gate. What’s out so far is quite enjoyable. Guess the funding is there, but they’re waiting on the author to put out more story.

I finished 13-24 of Seven Deadly Sins, it’s good. Clumsy handling of a plot hole from last season but it takes off soon enough.

Most of the way through seven deadly sins, i wasn’t sure about it at first but i’m totally hooked now, really solid show.

Unfortunately i’m not so great at keeping a note of the animes i’m half way through as i tend to drop them and start something else.