Any one have experience with

I ordered two keycap sets, from them. They only sent 1. I notified them almost two weeks ago, that they only shipped one set of keycaps. They still haven’t issued me any tracking information for the second part of my order and just keep saying I’ll get a tracking number when it ships. I know we have covid going on, but It’s been a month, since I placed the order, and almost 2 weeks, since I notified them, but I still haven’t received tracking information…

I haven’t experienced shipping issues like this, from any of the other vendors, that I’ve dealt with, these past few months.

I’ve only really bought GB products, nothing that was “in-stock”, but I’ve never had issues with TKC.

I’ve bought plenty from them and have always had a good experience.

They have a discord where they seem reasonably active, could be worth trying that.

My experience has been mixed - ordered keycaps for a 40% board. Came, not fast comparatively to other shops but still came eventually after about a week or two(I have no idea why they use FedEx over USPS for domestic shipments). Spacebars were completely un-usable without stuffing something inside the stem.

I’m told there will be replacements but … still waiting.

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I’ve bought from them before with no issues whatsoever. Bummer that you are not getting a response. Trying to reach out to them through their Discord seems to be the best thing to try now.

I’ll add another +1 to ordered stuff from them several times and never had any issues, but I’ve never had to contact them

Same here. Bought from them a few times without issue, but never had to contact them.

Same. Good experiences. No issues. Good luck though.

They added a couple rules to their discord:
9. For questions or issues with product orders and shipping please email
10. Do not DM staff or mods with questions or problems regarding orders. DM @Launch or @Jyromaniac.

Pretty sure Jyromaniac, is the one that I’ve been talking to through email.

Update: Took the plunge, and left a post on their discord. One of the other staff members is going to try and make sure it ships out by the end of the week. :crossed_fingers: they still have one to ship…


Same here, always had no problems at all. Never had something amazing happen either so I cannot really go either way. Maybe just get your money back and go elsewhere?

If they don’t have the product to ship, that is my goal.

Note: Glad to hear, that other people haven’t experienced these issues.

I do have quite similar feedback issues with with candybar order (first release). The board has been delivered with missing parts (the standoffs). I wrote them about the issues and it took me a couple of emails to get the firsnt feedback telling me that the missing part will be sent, but with no additional info on when it’s going to be sent. I sent them few follow up emails asking about the same issue, but have yet to receive their feedback. I am now still waiting… :expressionless:

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That’s a bummer.

From what I’ve found out, they don’t h ave their own warehouse. They are using a fulfillment center called Prep Kanga… I suspect that is where the majority of the problem is coming from.

Well, I just got tracking information for the Tangies I ordered from them a while back - we’ll see what happens!



I just received my tracking as well.

We’re not being very helpful are we Kira? :sweat_smile:

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Still no tracking information for me and the product is still listed as out of stock on their page.

They’ve told me that they will refund my purchase, if it doesn’t ship by the end of the week… But, with all these delays, will I be available to find it any where else?..

Dang. What key cap set?

EnjoyPBT WoB

I know KBDfans has it, but who know’s if that will be the case, buy the time a refund is declared.