B’s3DPrintShop selling 60% keyboard cases

B’s3DPrintShop is my Etsy store where I sell 3d printed mechanical keyboard cases 60% and soon 40% cases by keyboardbelle. I can’t post a link for some reason but if you search bs3dprintshop on Etsy then you should be able to see my store.


Looking forward to the 40% cases. Hopefully not just for the Planck.

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Welcome B! You have a direct link to your shop?

Might have to finish the forum tutorial to post links. If you want to DM me I might be able to post it for you.

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Any chance for cases without the middle standoff near the space bar and only the two near the sides? I would buy in a heartbeat.

It’s very easy to remove the standoffs yourself in a 3D printed case

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Without a dremel? If so how?

It is very easy to remove a stand-off because it is made of plastic.

You can use scissors or wire cutters or even a knife


Hell even a pair of pliers would do the trick, very crudely however.

Thanks to you I’ve just found two cases I’ve been looking for for ages. Thanks! Hope Keyboardbelle is ok and taking some time.

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No problem! I packaged them up and I’ll ship them tomorrow.

Legend! Thanks for that.

NEW 40% CASES!!! New 40% cases have been added finally and new 60%!


Got one! These look amazing. Keep up the great work buddy.

Since I didn’t remember the mentioning of Etsy when looking for the proper link and just found tons of other stores, here’s the link for those who weren’t successful in finding the store on the first try either:


There are also MiniVan cases. Just two colors of the same design at the moment, but I hope for more. :slight_smile:

Mind sorting your products into categories, like e.g. 60% Cases, MiniVan Cases, Planck Cases, and Accessories?

Would be much easier to get an idea for what keyboards you offer cases for and to actually find them. At least the main shop page cuts of longer titles and I have to hover over every product item to check the full title if it’s not just yet another 60% case I’m not interested in. For that reason it’s also not clear to me if you offer other cases than 60%, MiniVan and Planck. Maybe I just oversaw them.

Oh, and one more question, @Bs3DPrintShop: Do you do custom orders? E.g. some specific @Keyboardbelle case for a MiniVan in a specific color?

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New cases have been added! Coming soon are A+ grade cases along with more B grade for a lower price.

Is my store on Etsy.


Also in response to the last post. I don’t really do custom cases but if I have the file to print the case ( I have the cadet, 1985, and classic files) I can order the color you want of Amazon and print it. But it usually takes about a week for it to come in. I will be working on my shop to make it more easy to find a case but I will soon be possibly moving to my own website. Whenever I do try to add a link to my post, I get a message saying I cannot add links to my post. I’m not sure how to fix this but my Etsy store is B’s3DPrintShop.


NEW 40% CASES!! New 60% and 40% cases have been added.


A-Stock! Got one. I have zero chill with these cases.

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Thanks for the notice! Just had a look.

Saw a 1983 MiniVan case and a 1984 60% case. Toying with the idea of a 1984 MiniVan case (if that’s possible)…

Ah, ok, that’s actually what I meant. At least the colors of the two currently available MiniVan cases aren’t mine. :slight_smile: I’d rather go for that translucent orange or that neon green or maybe just black. Want something cyberpunk-ish. :slight_smile:

Then again, shipping to Europe seems to cost more than most cases — if possible at all. :slightly_frowning_face: (No offense meant, just general frustration: Shipping prices seem to be rather high everywhere on Etsy from the US to Europe.)

I think @Nolawill’s early answer on that topic is the correct one: