B’s3DPrintShop selling 60% keyboard cases

Oh well I’m in EU too and getting a 49 Eur shipping cost, while an A stock case is 41 Eur :frowning:

That’s a killer for me, maybe having a partner making the cases in EU would be win-win ?


New cases! I have put some clear cases on my store along with bright colored cases. Coming soon! Colored translucent cases with Atomic filament!

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I have also lowered the prices to 30 dollars a case instead of 50.



Any printing partner in EU ?

No, the only printers are in the US.

New 40% on the store. I added more cases to the store, including some mess ups that are cheaper at $10-$15. And I even added a spare keyboard that I had. It is a limited edition Keyboardbelle case with a laser engraved cork pad on the bottom. It has a plate, switches, RGB PCB, key caps, everything. More colors are coming. And, I designed some Adafruit Macropad cases! They will be on the store soon, once the boxes come in that I can ship them in. I have all different colors along with some translucent and I am still printing. Currently I have two designs printed and one to be printed.


The Adafruit Macropad Cases are on the store for 15$. I’ll have more soon. Also what kind of cases do y’all want to see? More number pads, 75%, 65%? Let me know and I’ll order some pcbs. Also let me know what kind of cases. Curved edges, vents, both. And what colors.


If at all possible, could you do an Apple M0110 for a 60% or even HKKB? As far as colors, maybe recreating the iMac’s from the 90’s.



I’ll see what I can do.


Oh, I like this.

I think the iBook has some nice curves that could inspire keyboard design as well!

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I ordered two JD40 cases from KBBelle three months ago and she ghosted. She was about to re-open her store and took a bunch of orders on Reddit and no one has heard from her. I hope she is okay.

That being said, if you put more Minivan and JD40 cases on your store they would sell pretty quick. Classic or Saver cases.

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We are about to reopen the main store. I’m not sure about the Reddit orders though.

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CLEARANCE SALE! Most cases have been marked down by %30. The macropad cases are the same but all regular %60 and %40 cases are down by %30.


Do you guys have any Minivan Cases, by change?


The link, for anyone needing it


Shipping gets a little expensive to Hawaii but it was so cheap for a 60% case I got it anyway. Great deals. Hopefully my son’s GK64XS doesn’t need a new plate but if it does nbd.

Hey @Bs3DPrintShop, would it be possible to modify one of the Planck cases to fit a UT47.2?

Once my printer gets fixed I can print some. I’ll let you know.

As of right now, no. But maybe eventually.

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