B’s3DPrintShop selling 60% keyboard cases

No plancks use 19mm spacing instead of 19.05mm and the UT47 is .25u bigger to not.

What happened to your Esty it says unavailable :frowning:

I unfortunately had to close my shop down after Etsy tried to force me to do something I didn’t want to do. I’ll have a website up soon and I’ll start selling again. Sorry about this :frowning:


@Bs3DPrintShop do u have a instragram for your cases? in the mean time to sell?

Good news! I’m back! Slowly throughout today and the next week I will be relisting Keyboardbelle cases (60% and 40%) on bs3dprintshop.com

Sorry for disappearing for so long :sweat_smile:


Is the 40% same design as 60% but 4x12u size?