Bay Area (NorCal) Mechanical Keyboard Meetup November 10th 2018


for sure!


Anyone can bring as much as they want, even if that’s nothing. We’re happy to have you.

Source: came to a bunch of meetups before I had something of my own to show.


I haven’t bumped this here; and have only posted on Reddit once and the RSVP list is already growing at a quicker pace than I expected :eyes:

Well I guess here is the bump technically; but wowee. I can’t wait to see you all. I have to decide what boards I’m going to bring :thinking:


all of them.

But as a side note, any word on confirmed vendors or sponsors?



I’ll be updating the post this weeknd


Looking forward to this!


Just booked my tickets. See you nerds there!


Updated Sponsor List; still more updates rolling out


So how’s the volunteer schedule going to work?


Details will be sent out tonight :slight_smile:


As a heads up, we have OVER 300 people saying that they’ll be attending the meetup so it’s gonna be a fun time with a lot of friends!

Check out the sponsor list if you haven’t. This meetup wouldn’t be possible without their support in helping me obtain this meetup and ensure that it stays free for everyone.

As well as their financial support for this meetup, they have all contributed prizes for a giveaway at the end of the meetup!

If you haven’t please fill out that small form to help me have an estimated head count of the event.

I can’t wait to see all of you November 10th :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Anybody got an open seat coming from SF?


Who’s ready for this weekend? :eyes:


I just cross posted to Reddit for more visibility. I think we should get a pretty good turn out this weekend :smiley:



pretty stoked.


As of today, counting the Yes and Maybe numbers together from the estimated attendance form, we’re at over 400 people :o


Vlog: I’m freakin’ out


Loaded my boards up and brought them in to work today so that I can catch my flight sraight from work tomorrow afternoon. See you all on Saturday!


I’ll be at this meetup, haven’t been to one in a while so I’m pretty hyped :smiley: Huey’s soCal classics were my first meetups so I’m also excited to attend another one of his meetups. I’ll be packing light, but hope to show off some cool stuff. I ultimately decided against bringing any of my brass rack mount MiniVan’s (aka knuckle buster) since I’m not sure how the airport would view them.


I still can’t believe you drove from AZ to one of the SoCal ones haha. It’ll be great to see you again!