Bay Area (NorCal) Mechanical Keyboard Meetup November 10th 2018


Anyone know if Fujitsu will be bringing HHKB’s to try? :o


good luck at CCS!



Use it. Unite the keyboard world on the Twitters. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Anyone have any fun stories or cool pics from this yet?


I dropped in for an hour today with my wife in tow. My first MK meetup. Couldn’t stay longer because my work project is in crunch mode so that was all I had time for. Some notes:

  • Holy Panda is the unmistakable king of the tactile switch world. Board full of them felt just awesome.
  • If there were Zealios V2 switches, I somehow managed to miss them. Doh.
  • Matias switches felt and sounded surprisingly good where ALPS weren’t.
  • MT3 felt really uncomfortable where Topre Hi-Pro was just godly.
  • In a flood of expensive cases and keycaps, their beauty and value seemed very diminished. Odd feeling.


one thing that I thought was hilarious was trying to build full sets from the enormous collection of random caps that MD had out for people to take. some dude nearly collected an entire granite set after spending about 20-30 minutes there


Hmm that’s an interesting perspective on the perhaps “underwhelming?” feeling you got when presented with so many options. I could certainly imagine it though.


Hey! If anyone was able to take photos of the UEK, let me know!


here’s my photodump:


This was super fun. Big thank you to all who contributed to make this happen. Special thanks to Huey who answered all my Keyboard questions. Everyone I encountered was friendly and approachable. I hope another Meetup happens soon and I look forward to seeing more photos.


Thanks for sharing!
Who’s table had the Kira 80, Mira, and upcoming red TKL? Was that Kono? Looked like some cool projects coming up!


He managed to find enough keys to complete a granite set. It was impressive.


Yep, it was Kono. They also had some early prototype “mini-SA” doubleshot keycaps as well (to the right of the hexgears keyboards).


Thanks for sharing! I wanted to come down but my wife was travelling and I didn’t think my 1 year old twins quite appreciate daddy’s keyboard obsession enough yet for the drive down from SF.


Wow. What an absolutely amazing meetup.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who attended the meetup and made it as awesome as it was. It’s never as much fun as when there are so many people who love this hobby in a shared space.

Next, I’d like to thank all of our sponsors who were able to make this event possible. Without their donations, we would not have been able to make this event free for all attendees. Thank you so much.

Finally, thank you to my wonderful co-organizer @lekashman as well as the members of Kono who helped out.

This meetup was an amazing casual experience for us all to meet, interact, and display our profound interest in this wonderful shared hobby. So many great picture albums already and hopefully more soon! This year we had over 350 attendees which is absolutely amazing! While we didn’t pass last year’s numbers, I’m perfectly okay with that since we were starting to squish a bit like sardines at the end there heh.

From this meetup I have gathered a lot of feedback (and if you have feedback yourself, feel free to PM me) and plan on making next year even bigger and even better! Thank you so much to everyone who attended.

I hope to see you next year :slight_smile:


More pics below. More stories to come. Thoroughly enjoyed myself at the meetup, and before, and after. Great to see and meet so many people IRL!


Zeal showed up later in the day iirc, so you may have just missed him.

Sounds like you missed @HaaTa’s basically new-in-box brown alps :eyes:


And here is my (somehow fairly short) album of meetup pics.


Here are the photos that my Girlfriend and I took throughout the meetup: