Beige Keycap Colors (Science)

Sometimes I do stupid things that take up my whole morning and cause headache. This was one of those things.

I worked fast to avoid losing track of my process, so I overlooked a few sets like Sloth, Monkey, GMK Godspeed and Royal Alpha. I figured those are more in the “white” or gray category.

Here’s a photo with a comparison of some “beige” and “cream” caps.

My Favorites

Classic beige

  • A tie between OG Model M and GMK L9


  • SA Corner Creatures

Something a bit more yellow and aged looking:

  • GMK Led Zepp

Love it!
But I feel like u should put a OG Cherry HAU caps in the top of your shopping list :smirk:


I received Klassiker in the mail today. This is not a very scientific approach b/c I didn’t recreate the exact same setup, but I did use the same surface and lighting.

I put a few of the similar keycaps beside it for reference. Ooh, and I added “Un-Alice” since then as well. Klassiker is very similar to the cream used in Carbon, but slightly less yellow. perhaps one nudge of green added to it.

It certainly falls in the group of more “yellowed” beige colored sets. I like the deep black legends on Klassiker. I hadn’t noticed how much more low-contrast the gray in Carbon looks against the creamy yellow at certain angles.

I think I’ll probably take another full family photo of beige keycaps after I get 5 or 6 more for comparison.

Forgot have a few sets of 21kb caps to add that weren’t shown above.

21KB beige on the left, Klassiker on the right Indoor vs shaded outdoor lighting.