Beige Powdercoat color research (Science)

Leaving this here for anyone else who may be looking into powder coating in beige.

I recently ordered some swatches from Prismatic Powders.

Sandle Grey, Oxford Grey, and Brighton Beige. All finishes in a River texture.

I figure photos are useless without some references so here are some things you might be familiar with

Top: IBM Model M keycaps
Bottom: GMK 9009 keycaps

And here they are next to the samples

And here is the scene setup for matching the IBM Model M SSK case

Left to right: Brighton Beige, Oxford Grey, Sandle Grey

Comparison to cerakote Light Sand:

And space65 e-coating in cream:

CA66 in “cement gray” powder coating:

The photos look fairly accurate to what my eye sees in real life

The Sandle Grey seems a bit dark. It’s close to the darker modifier beige. It might be the same color as the cement gray used on the ca66 but the river texture makes it appear brighter.

The other two are both great candidates for beige. I would recommend Oxford Grey if you want a classic beige that is on the slightly warm side. If you want something a bit fresher and brighter, I would say go with Brighton Beige.

Also curious @norbauer are any of these the color used for the TNG console color case?


You know, I think it would be cool to get my SKB60 powder coated beige. I’ll do my own research as well and report any potentially interesting findings


There are probably other options that would fit the bill that aren’t in a river finish. I chose these because Ryan suggests a texture or a matte finish for the best results on cases. I personally prefer the gloss of the river texture to a matte finish.

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Nice. This is super helpful

You should ask Alexatpanc what he uses. He powder coated this for me and it is an excellent beige:


I just confirmed that it is Empire beige.

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