Best caps for a clear acrylic case?

If someone were, to say, hand-wire a keyboard and order a clear, acrylic case, what would the best caps be? I feel like perfectly clear cases don’t look good with all caps… suggestions?

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Subjective, of course - but here are a few of my thoughts:

There are a few translucent / clear sets out there (like this one) you could use for an all see-thru style build.

This also might be a case where vanilla pudding caps have a relevant aesthetic purpose; transitioning from the clear acrylic, translucent pom (or whatever the skirt and stem are made of), to the opaque pbt tops.

Alternatively, I think a white-on-black JTK HSA set might pair well with clear acrylic… I’m thinking of those clear phones from the 80’s and 90’s.

If it’s a hard-edged case, Tai-Hao Cubic could compliment the lines.

Clear electronics are also often used in prisons, it’s easy to see that nothing is being smuggled inside.


The moral of the story is don’t use clear acrylic cases, ya fuckin’ snitch. /s

But, neutral colors would probably work well - sets with a more neutral base tone look great with clear acrylic. Just go with whatever feels right! I suggest KPrepublic’s PBT Muted, but just go wherever you heart takes you and your wallet can stomach.

You could try some translucent ones, I seen a ton however, most of them come as blanks.
I think any neutral colors or lighter colors work well… But, then again… strong and vibrant colors would certainly stand out in a clear case!

I completely forgot about these: there are actual acrylic key caps available on flashquark, both in chicklet style and OEM profile. Maybe more on the novelty side of things, but a fun curiosity at least.