[GB] JTK HSA White on Black & HSA Beige on Brown

Hello everyone:
As mentioned
JTK HSA new profile
JTK HSA introduction
we have been working with JTK on HSA, their new keycap profile and we can finally share the launch sets and the groupbuy details!

We plan to run the following two sets at the same time.

MOQ per set: 250 .
The set will be packaged in JTK MAX trays.

Vendors and pricing HSA White on Black
US: novelkeys.xyz: 75 USD
EU: mykeyboard.eu: 75 EUR
ASIA: zfrontier.com: 479 CNY | en.zfrontier.com 75USD
AUS: dailyclack.com: 122.25 AUD

Vendors and pricing HSA Beige on Brown
US: dixiemech.com: -
EU: mykeyboard.eu: 75 EUR
ASIA: zfrontier.com: 479 CNY | en.zfrontier.com 75USD
AUS: dailyclack.com: 122.25 AUD

Groupbuy launch date : TBA but very soon :wink:

Special thanks to:


This is exciting!

WoB looks really good!

These sets look like they have acceptable compatibility for this run. I’ll definitely be picking up a set. Even though there will be a US proxy, I wonder what the shipping price will be like with a tray of that size. Still, I’m excited to get my hands on a tray.

@JTKeycaps Will we be able to order trays alone in the future?


Dang both colorways are intriguing. I’ll probably end up in for WoB.

I’ll probably get BoB, as it’ll be a worthy substitute for Chocolatier for my wooden board.


Yeah, PC MAX tray will be always in stock.

We will produce matching color keyboards in the future.

Wait, you’re going to venture out into boards as well? That’s exciting!

Yeah, this is in designing. We plan to release them with triple shot Janpanese keycaps.


I’m a big fan of the typewriter-esc printing on the black keys. Will be curious to see these on a 7° case or such.

Please add 6u centered stem spacebars …


dat brown

@Lesbian I actually plan to get this to replace Chocolatier on a brown Filco - it’s a lovely set but really doesn’t live up to the renders. Technically I already replaced it with SA Filco, which IMO has a much better retro “dark chocolate” brown vs Chocolatier’s milkier look - but - SA is a bit tall for my wee hands. I’m pretty stoked to actually use that board one of these days!

is the purple color still coming?

Any plan for making small spacebars?
I like the BoB but I use split spacebars exclusively…

not in this time. it is just sample testing

not in the first running sir.

Is a 6u spacebar going to be available in the future?

maybe but not now.

Hey @JTKeycaps, any chance of having red Esc and Enter also in WoB kit?

Very pretty, and an easy buy from me. I definitely like the concept of creating an intermediate profile out of an originally high profile. Will you guys be running community colorways as well?