[US-TN] [H] PayPal or SA Chocolatier [W] JTK HSA Beige on Brown

Hey folks. I missed the boat on JTK HSA Beige on Brown, but I have had SA Chocolatier sitting in a box for a few years. Maybe this could work out in someone’s favor? If not, I do have the PayPals.


I can lay out the whole set if you’d prefer - this is how SA packaged the keys, except I separated a few alternate color options from the base kit into another bag. What’s here:

  • Base Kit
  • Numpad
  • Novelties
  • Massdrop Raffle Kit
  • 6 other compatibility keys, don’t know the kit name

I do not have the White Fox / Tsangan (?) kit - I sold that one a couple years ago. The actual chocolate is mine. I ate it.

I got this set thinking it would be the perfect pair to a board I own, only to find I’m not a fan of SA’s height. The base kit saw maybe a day of light use.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I didn’t do this post correctly. Thanks, all!

Hi, any chance you sale it instead of trading?

If I’m unable to find a set of JTK Beige on Brown, I might consider it.