JTK HSA new profile

You can find more details from JTK website:
JTK HSA introduction

Here are some updated samples:


Very interesting. I wonder if this’ll take off for custom sets.

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Very shiny. Might be neat?


I like the idea of shiny ABS caps since they’ll end up that way with use anyway.


some set would looks better when it’s shiny.

I like the shiny!

When would we expect to see these available for retail?

Too many new profiles are being introduced. I’m going to wait til the dust settles. NovelPro, being POM, is an exception.

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Maybe we will finally get a worthy competitor to cherry

Maybe in this month we will run the first GB


Would that be something someone should contact you about if they would be interested in running a set, or do you already have plans in place for the first colorway to run?

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If you have some sets want to run with HSA you can send me email to: sales@jtkeycaps.com

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I’d love to see a redux of Chocolatier with that lovely gloss finish - maybe dark chocolate mode this time around with some salted caramel accent keys…

Edit: or minty goodness for those pandas that are on the way…


HSA Handarbeit when?


yeah, I think so. Gloss chocolate will be great


Darker brown sounds like a lovely idea. Similar to the very dark brown Filco SA set in looks but a better sculpture from HSA would be nice. Would look vintage.

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I’d love to see HSA Space Cadet or HSA Solarized Dark.

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Had the opportunity to test it at the Paris meetup. Pretty nice profile, fixing the pain i had with SA. The only problem for me is it’s too shiny.

Also heard in the internation kit podcast with David from mykeyboard that the price will be really competitive.

Wait a minute.

This is JTK.

There’s the possibility of triple-shot, spherical sets.

Hell yeah.


How close is this to OEM? Besides cylindrical and shiny, I’m a bit concerned about profile.