Gazzew does it again.

I got some of these in the mail recently and am enjoying them quite a bit so far - seems as good a time as any for a thread for discussing Gazzew’s silent linear.

First impressions:

TL;DR: Soft. Fluffy. Bouncy. Pleasant to use and very quiet. Smooth out of the bag, only gets better from there. These are really nice. :ok_hand:

Yammering initial thoughts:

The pre-assembled ones are mostly dry, I think - but I did see some sheen on the center post of the stem in one I opened, so there’s something there.

From what I can tell, the stem is more or less very similar to the previous silent linear stem, but could be a different plastic. Aside from the color, the real difference between the pink and pearl Boba housings are the leaves, with these being specifically intended for use as linears.

These in particular are actually the lightest switch I’ve ever populated a board with, having the Korean steel 52g springs pre-installed. While I am making more mistakes and typing more slowly than with what I’m used to, they are quite a bit more usable for me than I expected.

Having tried some “normal” light linear boards in Burst Buoy’s gaming department and deciding they weren’t for me, I’m happy to be proven wrong yet again by a thoughtful combination of components.

I think the gummy dampeners in the stems go a long way - but these springs are also short bois, which serves to enhance the bouncy feeling. Previously I’d only used heavy short springs (the ping-y ones from Halo Trues), but these light and bouncy ones seem like an ideal pick for this switch now that I’ve tried them.

I’ll post more information as I gather it, and of course I’d love to hear what you folks think of these switches.

PS - they turn white light this lovely color:


they look like strawberry Millions


glad to see his silent linear stem in a different colorway. I liked the originals, but the shiney metallic grey stem didn’t go very well with a lot of housings, but this looks great! and it comes with one of my favorite weights by default?? Gazzew just cannot be stopped.

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Just got my batch of clear top Bobagums myself, and they’re quite good. Was using a variant of the bobagums earlier (gazzew silent linear stem, u4 bottom and clear top) and these seem a tad bit smoother than my earlier frankenswitch. Smooth, no stem wobble and a nice soft cushion out!

Would totally consider using these at my workplace if offices ever opened up again!
Here’s a pretty scuffed attempt at a soundtest: Youtube


oh they sound nice. I wonder what filming them too would do

If they are like regular bobas they won’t need filming. The tolerances on the housings are really tight.

So these don’t need lube? At stock 62 G weights [if available] these could be awesome silent linears right out-of-the-box.

Mmm, these look yummy. I’ve been loving my silent tactiles that I nabbed off of and haven’t felt the urge to lube them even once, so these lubed must be amazing…

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