Budget Simple Keycaps?

I am looking for some budget WoB or BoW keycaps in Cherry or OEM profile, as the budget would be around 40 dollars max. If there are any other keycaps sets (I’m still open to other designs) feel free to tell me.

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This is a good post to peruse:


I own two Cherry BoW sets; an Aliexpress/Banggood “Minimalist PBT”: it’s BoW with Japanese legends, as well as a Drop Artifact Bloom BoW set. Both can be found around that $40-50 budget, probably less if used. Either one is fine enough by me: no significant warping. The Drop set is smoother and more slippery to the touch so I generally prefer the Minimalist set, and the legends are crisper on it as well. The Artifact Bloom legends look more hazy and unfocused compared to GMK.

I’ve also owned ePBT WoB and looked at Mistel BoW when I was searching.

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This is quite a good video comparing BoW keycaps on a budget: Black on White Keycap Showdown: ePBT vs Geekark vs HK Gaming - YouTube


I really like these, I have 2 sets. They even come with a few short spacebars for split boards! I believe you can find them in BoW as well.