List of Cherry-profile keycap sets

This is a list of Cherry-profile keycap options in both ABS and PBT. The world of keycaps can seem like the wild west once you stray from your common GMK or EnjoyPBT options, so I wanted to compile a list of what sets are viable for the money and what sets people should stay away from.

Disclaimer - This list is incomplete and should not be taken as a recommendation in its current state. Please feel free to comment below if you have any positive/negative experiences with any of the sets listed (or if there are any other manufacturers/sets worth trying), and I will update accordingly. Thank you!

Vintage / Hard-to-Find

Manufacturer Material Pricing Base Kit Size Notes
OG Cherry doubleshot ABS vintage
OG Cherry dyesub PBT vintage
OG Cherry blank POM vintage
OG Cherry engraved ABS vintage
BSP dyesub PBT $150+ 85 keys made in Denmark, no spacebars

Modern, Fairly Established

Manufacturer Material Pricing Base Kit Size Notes
GMK doubleshot ABS $110+ 118-140 keys made in Germany, current benchmark for doubleshot ABS, massive selection of colorways / collabs
JTK doubleshot, tripleshot ABS $85+
Infinikey dyesub PBT $85+
Hammerworks CRP dyesub PBT made in China, marshmallow-like texture, nice dyesubbing
EnjoyPBT dyesub PBT $89+ 146-178 keys current benchmark for dyesub PBT? sits ~1mm taller than GMK
EnjoyPBT doubleshot ABS $69+ rougher texture than GMK, inconsistent legend thickness
EnjoyPBT blank PBT $40+ 117 keys
KBDfans PBTfans doubleshot ABS /dyesub PBT $75-89
Drop DCX doubleshot ABS $99
NovelKeys dyesub PBT $85-95 176-177 keys multiple colorways, large compatibility with accents included (Notion, Taro, Stone, Sand)
NovelKeys (discontinued) doubleshot PBT $50 WoB, BoW, discontinued due to inconsistency, switching to dyesub
CannonKeys NicePBT dyesub / reverse dyesub PBT $60-85 158 keys 1.7mm thick, more textured, many colorways
CannonKeys CannonCaps dyesub / reverse dyesub PBT $70 1.4mm thick, less textured
Domikey doubleshot/tripleshot ABS $67-165 known for their SA sets; Cherry-profile sets are offered with a bunch of kits in various colorways on Drop, KPrepublic, and AliExpress
21kb/Xiami dyesub PBT $70 KeebTalk comparison linked here
Gateron blank PBT


Manufacturer Material Pricing Base Kit Size Notes
Omnitype OTC dyesub PBT $84.99
Monokei Series 1 doubleshot PBT $ WoB set, being reworked due to surface issues
Milkyway reverse dyesub PBT $95 175 keys five face dyesub, WoB Hiragana also available from Bolsa Supply
Kinetic Labs PolyCaps doubleshot PBT $60-80 many colorways
Kinetic Labs PolyCaps blank PBT $45 9009 colorway
Geekark dyesub PBT $69+ 137-147 keys same factory as MT3 keycaps
Artifact Bloom dyesub PBT $45 129 keys various colors including BoW and 9009, surface is smooth with no texture; my in-depth review
Shurikey doubleshot ABS $69 167 keys detailed comparison to GMK on zFrontier
Glorious dyesub PBT $50 centered legends, various colors
Monstargear dyesub PBT $40 108 keys BoW
Vortex laser etched top or side print PBT $39 108 keys
KBDfans dyesub PBT $29-$63 101-151 keys misc unbranded variants in completely different base kits/styles/colors/legends
KBDfans blank POM
IDOBAO dyesub PBT $41-65 124 keys BoW with Japanese sublegends, 1.3-1.4mm thick
Keyreative dyesub PBT $66+ 120 keys
Keyreative UV printed ABS $35+ 108 keys
Keyreative blank ABS $24+ 128 keys
Keyreative/LeLeLab UV-printed clear $40 132 keys clear keycaps in various translucent colors
Keyreative/LeLeLab blank clear $25 126 keys clear blanks in various translucent colors
osume dyesub PBT $59 137 keys sakura colorway, 2 month lead time?
Geekkeys dyesub PBT $65-85 104 keys
Geekkeys blank PBT $40-60 104 keys
YMDK doubleshot PBT $28 108 keys

Knockoffs / Shady Brands

Manufacturer Material Pricing Base Kit Size Notes
AKKO doubleshot PBT $60-70 157-162 keys knockoff GMK sets
HK Gaming dyesub PBT $40-50 139 keys highly questionable ethics but available on Amazon and often recommended by people who don’t care

Awesome ideal, I’ll definitely add to the list if I think of or come across any other alternatives! With ePBT I see you have them listed as using Gateron blanks. I’m pretty sure they do not work with Gateron anymore & have had a downturn in quality compared to sets they made that are 100% known to be made with Gateron blanks.


Neat! I recently stumbled across Ducky’s foray into the keycap clone game with their release of Bon Voyage, or better known as GMK Bento. These are OEM. Thanks @dwarflemur

Oh, if you want to tidy up your data into a table, the below Markdown code will help do the trick.

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I hate to be that guy, and maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure ducky keycaps are OEM profile and not cherry


No no, good catch! I forgot. :nerd_face:

Got it, thank you! I always assumed they were one and the same - good to know they should be distinct in the list.


Thank you for this bit of Markdown wisdom! I just put everything into a table - do you know if there’s a way to set the width of a column to look less cramped?


You could shrink the table font by enclosing the text in a “small” tag.

<small>hello world</small>

I am small text.


Thanks! Gave it a shot, but it ended up being a tad difficult to read. I might just end up changing the content of the columns depending on what information proves to be most useful (price, kit size, link, recommended status, etc)


Might want to add blank POM to the OG Cherry variants. Also for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure Vortex dyesubs their pbt caps. But the set I have is from 2015-ish so that may have changed for their current products.

I like the list though, I didn’t realize there were this many manufacturers using Cherry profile.


adding Geekark BoW for consideration under Wildcards. i first saw this on Asian keyboard subs, as a past group buy. it also seems to have an accent set in muted pantone colors. i saw a few build pics where people used the pink caps to do homebrew PBT Olivia (Fauxlivia?)


I came across this little interesting tidbit the other day:
“This also marks our first time working with manufacturer Geekark . They’re known for making the MT3 PBT keycaps you might have seen - and have been making keycaps for over 10 years!” - [GB] Geekark PBT Lancelot – CannonKeys

I have heard good things about Geekark, this must be why. They are not exactly new to the game.


oh neat! didn’t know they were doing the Lancelot caps. i liked the pricing for that group buy but just couldn’t get on board with those colors.


yeah the colors just don’t work at all for me, not having a slam dunk colorway doesn’t seem like a great way to introduce a new manu, I hope that doesn’t preclude more sets in the future


The price is great. It may even come out really well, however the very basic renders don’t really help to make me feel confident.

I have been getting burned on renders from companies that I know well recently. I don’t want to take a risk on one I don’t know.


This is pretty cool. I’m gonna bookmark this for future reference, especially for newcomers.

And yeah, I’d add OG Cherry POM as well as lasered Cherry caps and maybe also laser-engraved / modified ones (there’s like engraved APL and whatnot)


Thanks, just added OG Cherry POM blanks. I think Vortex does dyesub/doubleshot some of their OEM profile keycaps. However, the only set of Cherry-profile keycaps I was able to find from them look to be laser-etched.

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Thanks, added Geekark dyesub PBT to the bottom of the established category since their sets are carried by some reputable vendors, and Wildcat has a fairly detailed impressions video on them.


Thanks, big fan of your content!

Added OG Cherry POM blanks. Do you have any info on the laser-engraved / modified ones? I wasn’t able to find much on those.

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I honestly don’t know much about it either but I know there are some collectors who have owned them. A quick Google search found me this:

And from a collector: