C³ Tangerine Switches R2

A notable feature: housing is made out of UHMWPE.


I should have mine tomorrow. I don’t have any UHMWPE stems to try in them, but I can compare them to stock Gats, Inks, Creams, Tealios, Cherry, etc.


Ugh. Prelubed in factory. I don’t even care if they do a good job or not, I just like to have that control in my hands. Very curious how these housings feel - I’m assuming its a POM stem?


Yeah I seen these in TKC’s latest email, pretty interesting looking for sure having a UHMWPE housing. Maybe these will be the proper home for the Inyvr UHMWPE stems? Shame I’m broke right now, but I look forward to all of what you guys find out when they start rolling in!

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Assumed to be POM, yes.

For sure POM. I forgot about being lubed. Who knows, it might be the perfect storm, and they won’t need relubed. Probably not, lol.

Getting mine tomorrow, I also have invyr stems so I’ll pop em in


Nice, let us know how it goes!

Got mine today. Had to run to the store though so haven’t test them yet. Was a bit surprised that they sent them in an unpadded mailer baggie. Hope they survived the shipping :worried:

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Okay, a whole hour now that I’ve had my switches.

Cool colorway! Of course, this is a negative if you want RGB switches that show anything other than red and orange :slight_smile:

The housings are a good size. None of this breaking your damn thumbs to get them into switch plates. No noticeable play between the top and bottom housings.

They’re smooth. Close in feel to inks and tealios, but with more wobble. I really enjoy the sound on bottom out. They is something about the return I don’t like though. It’s too clacky/rattly. Maybe it’s because of the extra wobble. I usually lube the upper housing to fix this sound.

Speaking of lube, they do have factory oil lube in them. A few might have been overlubed in my opinion. But overlube of oil isn’t a huge deal for using them stock.

However, if you were going to lube these with something thick, I’m betting you would have to clean them all off. Ick.

I got the dark green stem (67g). I don’t think 67 is bottoming out. They feel heavier than my 70g laserons for sure. They do feel close to black inks in smoothness and weighting.

Also, like inks, I think they’re a great option for someone who wants a smooth switch without having worry about lubricating (and, someone who doesn’t care about RGB).

I’ll give them an 7.5/10 stock. Guessing some lubrication in the top housing would bring them up to 8.5/10. Or relubing them with 3204 might bring them up to 9/10. I’ve never found a 10/10 switch. Ha.

TLDR: Smooth linear switches. A bit clacky on the upstroke.

@TheKeyDotCompany , please send switches in a better protected package. I only had 1 unusable switch, but it was annoying to have to rebend 1/3 of my switches b/c of poor packaging.


Would you say there is a significant or insignificant inconsistency among how the factory lubed switches are lubed?

Typically I would like to think if a factory is having a machine do lubing, they should get the tolerances right to at least make them consistent :thinking:

In my bag of 90, I found one scratchy switch, and one that sounded over lube-y. That’s the one I opened to see the excess. I might not be the best judge of consistency b/c I’m too lazy to slowly press each switch multiple times up close to my ear. I don’t notice any inconsistency when I’m typing though.

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I will say the bottom-out sound is quite unique and enjoyable to me. It’s slightly deeper than you would expect. The upstroke is what I don’t like still. Will need to lube. Perhaps there’s room to explore with a different upper housing.

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Can you swap in some Tealios or Incs stems and check if that improves the wobble?

Maybe filming would help too?

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Keyboard: Keycult No.1 Rev. 1
Plate: Polycarbonate

R: Novel Keys Cream (205g0/TX Filmed/60g)
T: Stock Tangies R2
Y: Tangies R2 (TX Filmed)
U: Tangies R2 with Invyr UHMWPE Stems (TX Filmed)
I: Tangies R1 Black Bottom (205g0/TX Filmed/Gat Yellow Springs)
O: Tangies R2 w/ Novel Keys Cream (TX Filmed)
P: Inks (205g0/TX FIlmed/55g Springs)

Probably the worst sounding switch I’ve heard in awhile, definitely the clackiest switch I have. I prefer the Tangerines v1 over these.

I only played around with a few switches so I didn’t see any inconsistencies with the lube job. I can’t speak too much on this.

I had to unbend some of the switches that I got. It came in a regular plastic mailer with no bubble wrap or anything. Pretty lucky that I didn’t get anything unusable.

This is by far the smoothest switch I have stock. The Invyr UHMWPE stems did make it smoother but made it clackier even with the switch films.

I didn’t film this but I also tried a sakurio stem in the housing it was surprisingly pleasant! I might make these when I finish making my MX Zilents

TL:DR Tangerine v2s are really smooth but hella clacky.


I’m starting to see a pattern here. UHMPWE sounds like trash, but is super smooth. I wonder what bandages we can apply to make it work.


It’ll be funny if this ends up being the best housing for silent stems.


My thoughts exactly – I kept eyeballing my mx silents. With my brief time with them this evening, they are for sure the smoothest stock switch I’ve tried. Hell, they feel just as smooth as 3203 lubed Tealios. If it wasn’t for the sound profile that 3204 or thicker provide, I would be content leaving them as is. The bottom out sound is unique, but the upstroke is high pitched and loud as noted in a previous comment. Maybe I could get away with some 205g0 on the tops and leave the factory lube alone.

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Gave one switch the full treatment.

First I quickly wiped off excess factory lube on the stem. Didn’t get all of it, it was a rush job.

Next, I applied 3204 to the stem legs and sliders, housing rails, bottom and top.

Lastly, I added in a polycarb switch film.

It’s pretty incredible. Feels like a mix between inks and creams. Like a better sounding ink… like a smoother cream. It’s a lot of work, but I think these need thick lube and films. It’s a sound and feel that I’m pretty certain people are after.

I’ll see how long the lube lasts, but I don’t think it will be the issue of wearing off like in cream switches. The lube isn’t doing much for smoothness. They are already smooth in stock condition. But the sound signature is drastically changed by having lube on the top and bottom of the housing. That can’t really wear off.