What is on your desk today?

Yeah, my pinkies do need to stretch more I suppose, though I don’t really notice unless I’m away from it for a while. What is really noticable is the lack of a split/tilted layout when I go back to ANSI after a while on the Alice – it’s like I have to contort my wrists to type, lol.

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Thats the dark side of ergo… once you go ergo twist, typing on rectangles feels unnatural, once you go split, typing on ergo feels unnatural, and once you go tented, you never go back :slight_smile:


I’d love to try a tented alice-style layout at some point. Type-K seems to be hitting all the marks for me, I’ll be so upset if I can’t get my hands on one.

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definitly gonna be spamming F5 for that one, but in the mean time I’m working on a little something custom for the Buzzsaw…


That’s what’s up dude, good luck!

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Tester I assembled for one of our new IT guys after he expressed interest in having me build him a custom keeb.

My goal is to get a feel for his tastes and see where we can go from there.

Edit: updated with links to something about each switch, mostly discussions here on keebtalk or the occasional store page. An “MX Silent Ink” is a Silent Ink with an MX Silent Black stem in it. A “True” Unholy Panda is a Halo True with a Panda linear stem; the Halo True spring gives it a pretty different feel vs a standard linear.


Just finished making some custom cables for my new desk last night. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I ordered enough fake lemo connectors to allow me to make several pigtails in different colors/patterns to match my different sets of key caps.

Making cables is some tiny, tedious work. Folks with cable-making businesses have my utmost respect.


Yup. Takes me hours

Next level colour matching.
I feel that it needs the black enter+esc to feel complete :slight_smile:


My Yohane TKL and my new parts tray!


Oooh that’s a good idea!


Simplicity, i love that !

@keebninja - great looking cables, and I love that trackball

@Manofinterests - I wasn’t familiar with the Yokohane; that’s incredibly classy :ok_hand:

@Sour - I’m really starting to love WKL 60s because of builds like this


Thank you @sefixm @Deadeye :blush:

Love it bud! You know I have soft spot for WKL, split right shift, & split backspace. Chef’s kiss layout! :ok_hand:

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I don’t blame you, pretty much no one is familiar with it. It was run in a private GB for a small group of people as a designer’s test run of their own boards. It turned out amazingly!

Plus the back weight is cute


:heart_eyes: wow sure is

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How may units are in the wild ?

Really like the board :wink:

I made some modifications to the Tokyo60 today:

  • Band-aid modded the stabilizers
  • Added plate foam from MKUltra
  • Replaced the _NK Blueberries with Boba Silent Tactile U4s 62g
  • Stuffed some foam into the space bar but it is still kinda loud

The pingy-ness of the case is now eliminated.
The blueberries, while super-tactile and fun to type on, made me really self-conscious when typing while leading conference calls.