C3 stabs

@Walkerstop time to improve the all-POM board with POM stabs


These look nice, just ordered 3 100% sets in yellow, teal and orange.
We’ll see how they fare against GMK stabs.

Thanks a lot @dwarflemur and @iaman for the links !

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From the images you posted the tolerances looks titgher on C3 stabs, this is obvious at the left of the housing opening.
Also there seem to have thin walls on the inside of the housing, to stabilize the stem legs ?

I just picked up some too. I hope this begins a much needed trend for stab innovation.


Just picked up one of each color. Looking forward to testing these. The light blue is beautiful.

Picked some up as well. These look like they would be much smoother than even typical cherry stabs but I guess we will see.

I ordered some…

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These definitely piqued my interest. I wish they also offered a green and black option too. I really dig the colors, but none of them really suit any builds i’m going to be working on, or offer a neutral color option.

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anyone knows if there is a european proxy?

Grabbed 2 sets of the red, an orange, & a blue set. Fingers crossed these are better than the new GMK screw in stabs or I’m gonna have to revert to using Costar stabs.

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I think the regular GB will ship to EU. I’m at work now, but I’ll get the GH link when I’m on break.

I just grabbed a couple of sets, looking forward to trying them out. I’m no plastics expert - does anyone know how well SuperLube / dielectric grease would work with POM?

You can always just hate money and pay the zeal v2 stab tax.


Did you find the GH link?
I have been trying and just cannot find it…

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I couldn’t find it either, I might have been mistaken. here is the link for the actual GB I believe. Not 100% how shipping to EU would be through them, but probably cheaper than thekey.company.

I didn’t find any GH link either.

thekey.company has the gb now too

I think it would have been cheaper for me to buy them through tkc, but I’m not going to do the match b/c it’ll make me mad. ha


How do I know if a pcb will accept screw in stabilizers. I have a DZ60RGB_ANSI that accepts pcb-mount. Do I just use those different-sized holes?

Screw in goes in the same holes as pcb mount. You just need to be careful that the screw isn’t shorting anything on the pcb (usually led light holes if it is)

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These stabs come with plastic washers, so that’s even less of a concern.