Cannon Keys CXA Profile Keycaps

I haven’t seen anything about these keycaps anywhere else, but alexotos posted a sound demo yesterday using a prototype CXA profile by Cannon Keys. According to Alex, “They are a profile similar in height to cherry but with a scooped top. They are double shot (abs + pbt mix).”

Looks interesting:


Well now that’s kind of interesting.

This is definitely one I’d have to experience to know whether I liked it or not though. I prefer the high-profile caps and so far haven’t found a lower profile that I genuinely enjoy.

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I’d be curious to see how they sound versus doubleshot KAT keycaps.

I’m curious if these are sculpted or uniform. I’m a big fan of uniform mid-height profiles like XDA and KAM but I love the scoops on MT3 so I think these could be something I’d really like.

In terms of sound, I wonder how much the plastic blend will affect that? Cannon Keys seems to be going the RAMA KATE CAPS route by blending ABS and PBT in one keycap.

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This look interesting, sorta like KAT but it gives me MT3 vibes

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A mod (anaolivetree) on the Cannon Keys discord confirmed today that CXA will be an in-stock item and available soon:



Intriguing profile. Definitely gonna give it a try

Reminds me of HSA. HSA, a new keycap profile by JTK


I’m a little skeptical, it looks like a rebranding of older ADA keycaps that were notorious for faded legends. At least ADA can be grabbed for a lower price on Taobao

I wasn’t aware of HSA, but you’re right. CXA profile seems very similar.

I’m hoping it will be better than that, but it’s good to be skeptical on these new blends of ABS and PBT that CXA and RAMA CAPS are using. Are the blends the best of both or the worst? Really remains to be seen until people have had them in daily use for a few months to a couple years.

Are there any photos of the keycaps mounted and shot from the side for us to review the sculpt?

It looks identical to KAT to me. Maybe the dish does a tad deeper… :man_shrugging:

Found a Twitch stream that includes a side profile diagram! It should start right when the side profile schematic is on screen, but just in case, it appears at the 3h mark.

(edit: forum didn’t like the Twitch embed so switched to a text link)

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If you go back a little further in the video (2:58:00ish), he shows a close up of the side profile:


From the same Twitch stream, really interesting/unusual spacebar:



They look more square than ADA to my eye. I am hoping Cannonkeys wouldn’t sell any keycaps that were lasered and might fade.

In the twitch video, they appear to be double shot and sculpted, which ADA is not.

That’s how domikey does their space bars for their Cherry profile sets.

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That could remove the need for flipped spacebar.

Interesting. Never noticed that on those sets before, but the CXA one is very similar.