CannonKeys Bakeneko60

This is a cool upcoming budget alternative to all the injection-molded plastic options -


  • $130
  • gummy o-ring gasket mount (similar to Unikorn)
  • cast aluminum case instead of CNC (cheaper to manufacture but painted, not anodized)
  • FR4 plate and hotswap PCB standard
  • centered USB-C port via daughterboard
  • based on an open-source design
  • sold in-stock starting 4/21


Looks like it’ll be much more affordable to get into a flexible typing experience / nice typing sound once this comes out! Might even be worth stripping the paint and going with a custom paintjob locally. What does everyone think?


Great find. Would love to see if over-sized plate padding can do what gummy o-ring can do without compromising.

It is nice to see design that focuses on simplicity and actual typing feel over say, adding rotary encoders (which I love/hate, but mostly hate).

There too many great products coming out these days. It is a nice problem to have, but… my poor wallet.


This is so amazing. They’re going to absolutely dominate this niche of custom budgets. I wish they offered a CNC version for a slight premium though. I’m thinking they’d run into more QC issues by going with paint.

Whatever, I’m still picking one up. :nerd_face:

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I am super stoked for this. I was really considering the UTD356 mini for the gummy oring, but it seemed a bit overpriced. This is perfect to try it outt, and it’s in stock too…My KK Lightwave V2 came in at the perfect time!


Very cool! Love to see stuff like this.

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yeah I think this one is a good buy!

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For the targeted $130 price they’re going for, this looks like an absolute game changer in the entry mechs space. A metal case definitely feels a lot more premium than any plastic injection-molded case. And there’s a “proper” gasket implementation in the form of the gummy o ring


Finally, a board that I can do stupid stuff to and not feel bad!


yeah this will be way easier to build than a tofu with no screws :smiley:

Great price! I like the aim they’re going for. But how do you pronounce the name?


It sort of matches Japanese according to Google Translate, so I’ll be be pronouncing it like that (Hit the speaker icon).


My thoughts exactly. I don’t have a cheap hotswap that I can use to test switches on without the worry of wearing out or tanking an expesive/irreplaceable pcb (let alone have to be overly protective of the case). I have a feeling though, that I may enjoy the typing experience regardless.

First review is up. Typing sound is pretty darn consistent, as advertised!



I literally can’t do anything other than tsangan layout without getting unnecessarily irritated lol and I can’t justify spending almost $200 just to have the backspace 1 row down. Looks like an awesome introductory keyboard though! The price is insane


I’m sure a future revision will support tsangan.

So tempting!

The soldered PCB supports Tsangan, but it’s a $40 top-up

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Ha! Didn’t realize yesterday was release day… Sold out… lol