Cherry Copper from Novelkeys!

Did you guys see this? Pretty nice! I really regret not picking up a GMK set and they are crazy expensive in the aftermarket. The factory messed up and made the Esc key alpha color, so you’ll have to use the accent or novelty one. Seems like a fine solution to me.


I hadn’t seen that - but I have been hoping they would do it. :3

They have to really be commended for making this set.

I remember the GB period, it seriously tempted me for its uniqueness.

I don’t have any boards that suit it, but I appreciate the concept.


I have a few boards that it would work on. One that is coming is the Rooke Chapter 1 keyboard with a copper knob and accents in white and polycarbonate. I almost picked up the SA set a while back but it just doesn’t look as nice to me as cherry profile in this colorway.

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I picked up a set too. (Good opportunity to try out NK Cherry as well.)

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I’ve been very happy with the 2 sets I own thus far. They feel and sound very nice. Much better than ePBT in my book.

Ooh nice! I also ordered DCX Jasmine, which has the updated Shift keys and kitting. It’ll be nice to compare both of them with GMK in person finally.

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All 178 caps for <$100 is great!

This set is going to go on my parallel Snake that will be in Rust:

I even have a polished all copper R1 cap to tie the whole thing together. :snake:


Looks really good so far!


it looks like chocolate. hope they come back with the mod esc and we gucci


I got mine today, and it was missing the the 6.25u alpha colored spacebar. It wouldn’t be so bad if the GMK Awaken set I got from them yesterday had two 1.25u left alts instead of a left super. :joy: Novelkeys is hating on me this week.

That being said, the Copper set looks good in person.


Looks nice! My set is supposed to arrive tomorrow

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Got mine today. They look great. Nothing missing except the expected Mod color Esc.


I’m not sure if I would love this colorway as much in person as I do from the photos, but if this ever drops to $50 in a flash sale or something, I’m snapping it up immediately.


Man I wish it had an ortho kit. I have a perfect build for it - thick copper plate and the case of exactly the same color as the spacebar. Sigh


Ortho kits would be great. It’s a big kit but I still wish it had a 2u convex spacebar as well. My Maja uses a 2u spacebar unlike just about every other Alice or Arisu layout for some unknown reason.

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Looks pretty nice. Feels like there is not a lot going on in the keycap space these days.


What would you like to see in terms of new keycaps?

I’ve seen some really interesting new stuff going on lately. PBTFans has some unique stuff with their new spin on transparency on sets like Pyga and Klein Blue.

Speaking of transparent, the newer Lelelabs caps are SUPER clear:

Similarly clear are the PBTFans 2048 caps:

Also, there’s some more cool things that are unique like the CTRL caps:

We’ll soon have a new mid height profile called MTNU made by GMK through the work of Matt3o

Almost every major vendor now offers an affordable keycap option, some of them exceptional in quality.

Novelkeys has their NK PBT manufacturer. Kinetic Labs has Polycaps. Cannonkeys has a few options for in-house sets. WS now has their own line of keycaps. Drop has a very nice quality options with their DCX profile that is slowly adding in interesting colorways, although some are GMK colorway reruns.

DCS has made a big comeback lately and has possibly had more sets in Group Buy this year than the last decade combined.

I will say there is a drought of SA and DSA keycaps lately. But besides that, I think there is a lot going on in the keycap space.


I would like to see them bring back thick DCS. The WYSE terminal thickness.

That’s not going to happen, though. So it would be nice to see some options in-between the AliExpress fake GMK sets, and NK Cherry.

Something that’s just barely ‘good enough’ and costs intermediate between the fake sets and decent sets. Sometimes you just need some PBT for some silent switches or whatever, and it doesn’t need to be the best.

I think the most useful thing that could be produced are accent kits for existing ePBT, GMK, Domikey, CRP and NK sets that people already have.


Kinetic Labs’ Polycaps are pretty darn decent, and the Artifact Shield caps from Drop really aren’t bad, either.

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