Cherry g80-2000 HAU


I found 3 of the pictured keyboards in a basement. They don’t have boxes, but I don’t think they were ever used, they are like new. I have two questions. The first one is if I can find a manual or an application to set up the display and hotkeys (win11)? The second is what price they are, because I am keeping one but don’t need the other two.

Thank you, Viktor


Are the keys double shot?

Looks very cool. I would definitely be interested!

@templar : Nice find! Huge, but nice :wink:

@macclack : Yes, those are double shot. The model number ends in HAU, where the “H” stands for “Hochdruckspritzguss” (german word for high pressure injection moulding).

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Good to know, thanks. This is a seriously cool find. Would love to own one of these.

Nobody wants those old things, Cherry keyboards are built very cheaply.

But fear not, friend, :sweat_smile: I will take those things off your hands for you, all you have to do is pay me the shipping.

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Do you know of anyone who has installed one of these (I’m thinking mostly of display)?
If you want I’ll upload more pictures, there are exciting things :smiley:


Yes, please upload more pictures!

Can you tell us what kind of switch they are using?

These are gorgeous! What a find!

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Great find! I want one of these so so badly. I am glad that you are looking to pass them to good hands. (Please let me be one of them!)

They look gorgeous. Please do upload more pics.

Thanks for all the information! I’ll attach the pictures I promised. (I found one of the original boxes today.) I’ll try to reply to private messages as soon as I can!
I will also upload pictures of the other two.

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X-posting some of the info I sent you via PM, in case it’s useful to other people:

I have a similar model myself, the German G80-2000HAD, but sadly mine lost function a few years ago. So, I can’t help you as much as I wish I could when it comes to your first request… I actually don’t fully remember how to operate all of the controls. However, I do remember one thing - the Cherry logo key is used for programming, which I think brings up some prompts on the LCD. The Calc on/off key will also display a calculator on the LCD.

It isn’t a manual, but you can read a brochure here, which does contain some information on what the keys do. Note that the keyboard in the brochure is a later generation than yours, so it looks a bit different. It’s the same keyboard though, in essence:

Also, I can’t remember for sure, but the programming process may have some things in common with the G80-2100: Cherry G80-2100: Short Usage & Programming Reference

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It’s that old, huh?? I guess they’re MX Blacks, from before they even had ‘switch types.’

Cool, although it would be irresistable to me if they were vintage Clears.

I think I’ll buy one to desolder it for vint blacks. No, I’m kidding. This is going to make some collector very happy.

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Usually just a lurker, but as an OG cherry enjoyer I’d say: indeed incredible find, and don’t sell them for cheap. Long time I’ve seen a 2100 for sale, they are really rare!

Even though the last year has decreased market pricing on old cherry boards these are still really rare and collectible.
Check out Mechmarket or kbdarchive for more info.

Whoa. This find is a treasure.

The sticker on the underside is always good to have on photo when dealing with any Cherry manufactured keyboard.

But a keeb like that usually goes for 50-250$

And I would like to get the caps for cheap :wink:

great find of a beauty gem, it’s been a long time to see a 2000 board

Thanks for the info

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Here is some fresh new pics.
I put in the box the one in almost mint condition (bottom one in the picture).


Absolutely incredible. I never thought I’d see three of them all together!

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