Cherry MX Blue alternatives?

I’ve been typing on Cherry MX Blue’s for the last 4 plus years and I’m looking for a less rattly switch for my Tex Shinobi build, that will provides the same crisp tactility, that the click jacket style switches provides.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Update: I pulled the trigger on some 62g Zilent switches, during the BFCM sale, and they feel pretty close to MX blue. There not as sharp of a drop off after the bump as MX Blues, but they actually feel a little better to type on, because I’m not bottoming out as harshly as I did with MX Blues or the Box Jades.

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The Kailh box switches are your best bet. As far as mx-style clickies, it’s pretty much universally agreed that they’re the best around in terms of sound. There’s many different variations you can choose from - box white/pale blue/jade/navy/pink. Search around on youtube and you’ll find plenty of typing tests of them :slight_smile:


Gateron Ink Blues are surprisingly nice!


The great thing about the kailh box clickbar switches is that they are like smooth linears until you hit the actuation point and then theres a sharp tactile feeling and a satisfying click.

As long as you don’t have to worry about loudness, the box clicks are definitely the best (stock)switches on the market.

Pink and Jade seem to be the most praised.


If you’re dead set on sticking with a click jacket style switch I would recommend grabbing a few Greetech Greens & blues. I have a few of the clear top/black bottom greens & they are very tactile & crisp. A bit louder than MX blues or greens, but a much better keyfeel IMO. I say to grab samples of both the Greetech blues & greens cause I have only tried the greens & can’t say the blues will have the same feel. There is some debate to whether or manufacturers use stiffer leaves for green clickies. So a green with a lighter spring swapped in may give a better feel than a stock blue.

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I think Box White is perfect replacement for Cherry MX Blue: light, crisp, and clean click.


If you like a rattle-reduced clickjacket, I’ll rep for Kailh Speed Golds - they’re pretty darn great for a clickjacket! But clickbar switches are, imo, far superior - go for some Box White/Pink/Jades, they’re amazing.


Agreed, box white is my favorite click switch as well

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Have you used both Cherry MX Blue and the Gateron Ink Blue switches and could you elaborate on how they are different?

Gateron ink blues are much less rattly, have a sharp tactility, and the click is a lot more consistent across switches. Plus, they look awesome. Cant say enough good things.

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Crux is the cost I think. Box White costs $0.30 each, cheaper than even MX Blue, where Blue Ink costs more than twice that. And, where quality is more apparent in linears, I find quality difference much harder to tell with clicky switches.

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Support Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co. Ltd. for continuous improvement and development for the most important part of our hobby, switches.

Get any Kaihua’s products with click bar in it.

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Sorry. While I like Box White, I have a pile of keycap breaker box switches I can’t use so all I can manage is fair opinion of their switches.

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ok, you do you. i don’t have any broken keycaps because of box switches.

to op, always support an innovative company, unlike ‘the original one’ which doesn’t innovate at all until their patent expired.

@donpark likes Box Whites, he’s just metering his opinion of Kailh overall with the fact that they innovated into a switch design that busted stuff on which he spent good money.

Innovation is great, but it has to be done responsibly otherwise it breaks things. The fact Kailh had no idea until the community started reporting the problem (or knew and didn’t divulge that information) is in and of itself proof that they are not operating with that kind of responsibility, so I can’t be as supportive of them as you are. That’s fine; it doesn’t mean any of us support Cherry.


still the same, you do you. i really dislike any mx style switches which don’t have any difference compared to the original one.

Frankly, I find the idea of companies needing support strange. But what I try do consistently when I like a product is mention the manufacturer so the people can draw their own conclusions.


Box switches huh:

Strike One: They cracked keycaps and didn’t acknowledge it until the community outcry.

Strike Two: They have pretty bad rotation alignment issues.

No need for Strike Three, they’re garbage and irrelevant in my mind.

I’ve already bought a set of box white, a set of box jade, and and a 10 pack of box navy. They were great on my tester, but I was not impressed with how they feel on my test board. The box whites don’t feel tactile to me and the box Jades cause me to bottom out really hard. The Navy switches were used for the space bar only.

So I’m sticking with the click jacked switches, though I’m also open to a tactile switch if the tactility feels the same as a MX Blue.

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Still much better than the existing competitions.
And you didn’t dispute that the clickbar is a superior solution compared to click jacket.