Cherry to produce official Ergo Clears

Yes, yes, it’s not April Fools. And cue all the “10 years too late” and “wrong spring,” but here it is:

CHERRY MX Ergo Clear: Switch modification by enthusiasts becomes official MX derivate

CHERRY MX is expanding its own portfolio with the CHERRY MX Ergo Clear, a derivative that is primarily intended to address the DIY community: In 2011, what originated as a modification by enthusiasts from the mechanical keyboard scene has now been launched as an official MX switch and has been optimized according to CHERRY MX’s industry-leading standards. The so-called MX Ergo Clear is featured by a particularly tactile switching characteristic without an audible click as well as a comparatively light actuation force. This positions the model between the classic MX Clear and MX Brown. The MX Ergo Clear is the first special edition of a community switch from CHERRY MX.

I’d rather they just learn how to manufacture MX Brown properly, but at least they are doing something.

The real news for me is: maybe this means Cherry is retooling the MX Clear stems. These switches could then form the basis for decent Ergo Clears like those of old.


BTW: Some of the first Ergo Clears definitely used MX Black springs. People on GH used the term “Panda Clear” to denote those using MX Black springs.

There was a zoo of terms for modified MX Clears, until people settled on the general nomenclature of “Ergo Clear.”

EDIT: Oh, I should have checked the Interesting Finds & Heads-Ups thread first.


Enthusiasts will still spring swap :laughing:


Thanks for this post! I just realized that I have clears that I’ve been meaning to make into ergo clears

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Let’s just hope that the pre-applied lubricant and spring don’t suck. Since once you open it up, there’s no way back (lube, film, springswap).



I like the idea of this, let’s just hope Cherry doesn’t botch the execution


Oh nice! Finally the official Ergo Clear! Let’s see how it turns out after broken-in. Hopefully it’s using the hyperglide housing instead!

I thought I’d add this here in case anyone is wondering if Cherry changed the stem.


I wasn’t really expecting them to change stem dimensions. They are trying to make official Ergo Clears, after all.

How bad is the keycap damage? I haven’t removed too many keycaps from my Ergo Clears.

I had GMK Honeywell on a full-size for a day, but replaced it with MT3 [still there]. My other Ergo Clear keyboard is using CRP, which is probably pretty tough.

Ultimately, I am just hoping that they are using fresher molds for the housings, and decently lube from factory.

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I dont remember damage. I remember them being so tight that I would sometimes rip off switch tops when trying to remove caps. That was an issue with soldered boards :slight_smile:

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Yeah, from my experience, it seems as if the biggest risk is pulling out a switch.

Yeah, I’ve never experienced damaging keycaps with clear stems either. I only once had the whole switch top come off and the spring flies gone! I still can’t find the spring to this day.

I only tested the stem with GMK and JTK. Both are very tight, though I feel like I was about to break a few JTK stems so I didn’t want to risk it too much. Still, it’d be nice if Cherry adjusted the dimension a bit. :frowning:

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In my experience the issue isn’t keycap damage, I do remember ripping out the stems out of the housing when trying to remove keycaps though.

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I thought I’d share some experience about Ergo Clear weights while we wait for the official Cherry Ergo Clears.

I’m on my third or fourth Ergo Clear keyboard right now, depending on how you count things.

It looks as if Ergo Clears take well to Spirit springs, including the Progressive.

The 63.5 Progressive Spirit are like 55 G Cherry springs at the top, but allegedly are heavier at the bottom. Ergo Clears will actually function with these springs [except spacebar, I use 62 G linear there]. They will benefit from break-in and careful lubing [with any lube] beforehand that focuses on the operating parts of the switch.

These give you very light Ergo Clears that feel like Browns but more tactile. And they can sound better if you use 3204/205g0. They are more ‘crunchy’ than Browns.

[The next weight up from this for me is probably the 58 G springs in stock Naevy 1.5, which works just fine with those switches.]

There are also 68 G Progressive springs. These still require decent lubing to run optimally. You end up with ~45 G actuation weight at the top, like stock MX Brown springs, but they may have more force for spring-return. With heavier PBT keycaps like Leopold’s, these Ergo Clears can be very nice to use from a keyboard-tray position.

I have a whole FC900R PD using all 65 G [14mm] TX springs. This is a good weight for ensuring operation, even with more restrained lubing. The spacebar, using stock Leopold stabilizers, is still poppy. That whole assembly, including switch, was well-lubed. 65 G TX will power even MT3 PBT keycaps easily.

The most interesting is my recent build of Ergo Clears on an NCR-80. It’s using 62 G 14mm TX springs. This turned out to be quite a marginal weight for anything other than 1U keys. The right, full-size Shift key actually hangs a little with the 62 G spring. [Using GMK!] I am using TX stabilizers, they tend to be tighter and less-forgiving than Cherry.

Had to move from 62 G TX to 65 G TX on the spacebar, and even that weight is marginal for the TX stabilizers.

So this has implications if trying a ‘minimal weight’ build using 14mm linear springs. It seems as if 62 G is fine for all 1U keys. But it would be better to use 63.5 G or so for all modifiers. And then at least a 65 G for the spacebar, although I’m inclined to use 67 G at this point.

That’s what a minimal overall 14mm spring Ergo Clear would look like to me, right now. Somehow, the 63.5 G Progressive [behaves like 55 G linear at the top] Spirit springs seem easier to build Ergo Clears with than 62 G 14mm. [The 14mm TX build is also ‘snappier,’ sharper and harsher, while the 63.5 G and 68 G Progressive builds are much more Brown-like.

Lube, spring choice, and stabilizer choice are all very important while building Ergo Clears. Hopefully this provides some insight into available choices if you are planning to respring the Cherry Ergo Clears for a lighter build. [BTW the 58 G 2-stage springs did not work as well on spacebars as 65 G TX. The 2-stage spring does not prevent the tactile notch from catching on the way up.]


I made a batch of Ergo Clears recently and cracked the stem of the very first keycap I tried mounting, a stepped Caps Lock from GMK Classic Retro. That scared me out of trying any more GMK or Cherry. I have CRP caps on there now and they’re tight enough that I’ve pulled a few switch tops off by mistake while trying to remove the caps, but at least they didn’t crack again.

The stepped Caps Lock in particular seems to have problems with MX Clears. Inserting, or in my case, removing them.

The oversized Clear stems is a big concern for me for the viability of Cherry Ergo Clears, since most of the non-Cherry competitors don’t have this issue. They didn’t need to keep this aspect.