Cipulot EC PCBs

Hey there,

since Cipulot has graciously shared his 60% EC PCB layouts, I was wondering if anyone here has plans to have some made.


Tempting. Might order some for my discord server :thinking:

Edit: I’mma do it


What do you do for stabs these days with Topre?

May I get two from you?

Deskeys has stabs available AFAIK.

I still think aftermarket Topre stabs are terrible compared to the original thing.

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Are there aftermarket housing with topre mount plungers?

All I could find is Deskeys and Niz with MX mounts.

He released some other fun Topre products as well!

  • HHKB RBG Controller
  • Realforce 1 PCB

Yes, as a newcomer to Topre I’m very excited. The dream of a 40% Topre I posted the other day, seems ever more plausible.

Let’s see how this turns out. But I already see me adopting my Nova case for future builds.

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40 percent Topre is close at hand. Viktus Minne second proto is ordered and if it works the group buy will kick off. Blindassassin111 does great work.


Apologies, I was caught in my own little world of 40% ortho, not staggered.

So, I guess, there is learning to mod the 60% in KiCad.


perfect timing, I’ll make my hhkb case compatible with this, would love to not make people have to buy and gut an hhkb to make a custom topre board

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I wonder, which parts of my FC660C contribute to the “Topre” experience :crazy_face:

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a “Topre”-like experience in a smaller form factor, preferably 40% ortho.

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If u start building one now you will probably be done before the cunundrum :upside_down_face:

I’m happy the cunundrum exists, but it is not for me. :smiley:

thank you king of semantics, I’ll wipe away my tears of shame with a Kleenex


My forever hope is for a Topre h87c-compliant replacement PCB. Half the hobby becomes topre overnight.

I thought I was done with builds, but this along with that $100 AliExpress gasket mount 60% aluminum case might just get me to do one more build.

awaiting a NA group buy of either of these and or a replacement hhkb pcb (is that what the ec60 is supposed to be?) but with plates/or i guess use old hhkb husks

The hhkb pcb will be same as ec60 electrically but different mounting hopes and edge cuts. He hasn’t made that version yet.

If making pcbs suggest making a donation to Cupulot via a link on the github repo. He did a lot of this work for passion in EC boards and since it is open sourced will lead to more projects by the community.


I have a few newb questions :raised_hand:

How do I determine whether a given case will fit the PCB and plate? Can I theoretically just plop this into any 60% gasket-mount case?

What would be a ballpark estimate to print one PCB/plate domestically (US)?

FWIW, the PCB size is listed as “A3” and the HHKB plate overall dimensions is listed as 285 mm x 94.6 mm. Perhaps we should start a list of compatible cases.