Classifieds Rules - on asking prices and bidding

I don’t think allowing auctions and bidding is a great idea. This rule goes hand-in-hand with the lack of a required asking price for items for sale. Frankly from my 300+ transactions over on /r/mechmarket (over 500 including those not confirmed), auctions and bidding (even if done privately) have often left a bad taste in my mouth, and created more animosity among community members, as it encouraged sellers and traders to seek the largest profit margin and brought out the worst in people who fought against each other in these bidding wars. For auctions and bidding, users should just do that on Ebay.

I want to suggest that this rule be revised and that no such bidding is allowed, as it is on mechmarket.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts.



From my experience as a user, when a sale turns into an auction privately and you get shafted on it, you feel incredibly salty.

Let’s keep that salt off this marketplace.


Could not agree more. Not requiring an asking price alone opens the door and encourages people to enter raffled group buys and artisan raffles for the sole purpose of selling the item for the highest possible price.

This takes artisans/keyboards/items out of the hands of people that want them and, in a way, takes money out of the hands of makers.

I pretty much feel the same. Flipping is already bad enough on mm. This just sounds like a recipe for disaster and only continues the toxic culture.