Cleanest way to route a keyboard cable on your desk?

I started using an iMac recently and became very conscious about where my keyboard cable lies on my desk and around the leg of the computer.

What have you all found to be the cleanest way to route your keyboard cable on your desk? Is the solution to just use some sort of monitor shelf / riser?

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It feels like there are a bunch of factors in play here, but a shelf/riser sounds like a good thing.

But I’m a fan of using the coil as it’s intended to.


My desk surface is usually so cluttered that the keyboard cable is the least of my worries most days. :sweat_smile:

I use a straight, braided (non-coiled) cable and run it straight from my keyboard off the back of my desk. The cable routing under my desk is clean; I use wire trays attached to the underside of the desk so all the wires are tucked up and not visible under the desk until they all drop down to the PC in a bundle.

No. Just no. lol


I haven’t done it yet but my goal one day is to have a desk with aviator female ports in the surface and then have cables with 90deg connectors to connect my keeb and mouse. This isn’t my image but it demonstrates the sort of thing I’m on about


A desk shelf certainly helps keep things tidy, since the “source” of the cable is hidden from view.

But if you don’t have one, you can run the cable from the iMac down below the table, then bring it back up to create the illusion that it’s coming from below.

Underneath my desk, I use velcro to line up the cables so they come over perfectly straight, like here:


Yes! I have fantasized about this so many times! :flushed:

Love the tip on using velcro to make the cables come over straight! My current status —


I wish my desk was so neat! I think what would be nice in your setup, would actually be a coiled cable off to the left, and then to the back between the watch charger and the foot of the iMac (it’s so neat and the cable crossing the base is just like a little annoying fly in the soup for me :wink:). But anyway, just an idea!

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That is nice :heart_eyes: