Command 65 interest check on GH. Let's help them do it right!

Really hope they can do this right. I mentioned in the IC post, but this is going to come down to the fine details. If they do it right, and price it more premium, it will be amazing. If they go the cheap route, it’ll be a big old flop.


looks good! I like the retro vibes!

I really hope they can make it out of something like the Bbox60 plastic. That case feels so good. I’d go pretty bananas for something that looked like this, was top mounted, bluetooth, and really nice plastic like the Bbox60.

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I signed up for the IC.

When they asked what suggestions I had, naturally it was for a shiny, brown, SA profile keycap set to accompany it.


HSA one day. I have faith

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Ha! I said the same thing, except MT3. I think the font and scoops are a little more like the C64; at least the version I’m most familiar with.

Here’s mine, which has been converted to a USB keyboard:

This is a fun time to mention the keys on the Atari 800 XL are literally R3 SA:

SP SA is supposedly based on old tooling that’s been adapted for MX stems - well, I’m about 99% sure it’s this right here. Check it out:

SA Chocolatier on the left, 800 XL key on the right.

Looks like they polished-out the grainy texture when they re-tooled the stems.

I took these photos ages ago and forgot about them until this evening.

Gorton AF


MT3 would be the best. Dang. That’s what I should have said.

Those Chocolatier keycaps though would be absolutely perfect for me though.


It could happen, but I’m betting it won’t. Drop tried to run a GMK retro set a few years back and it flopped. I have a feeling they haven’t forgotten the cold reception. But I would be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. I would be even more surprised if SP would just run the damn SA set.

I think it looks nice with cherry profile caps, too. Reminds me of the IBM portable

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@pixelpusher I’d say you’re right - though it has crossed my mind to bug Matt3o about it and probe the possibility. I super want an MT3 set in beige-on-brown. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Extra_Fox I got the set a few years ago because I love the colors (first and last r/mm purchase, wew lawd did I overpay) - but it turns out my fingers just don’t like SA. (Same with DSA - I was super stoked to get Dolch back in the day, until I tried to use it. I think I sold it like a week later to the guy that started r/mkUK.) I don’t think my Chocolatier even has a full hour of use on it. I wouldn’t be opposed to selling it - though I no longer have the Tsangan / White Fox kit (which made it compatible with 65%) - I sold that not too long after buying the set thinking “oh, I’ll never use those because I like TKLs” - derp.

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So I’ve got a couple sets of SA coming that I’m going to be really curious to see how much I like (they weren’t expensive). I unabashedly enjoy the MT3 set so it may have been a foolish decision.

That said, should this keyboard become a real thing, I uh, might take you up on the chocolatier.

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Great to see the love for the good old Commodore 64. :smiley:

I wish them all the best and it’s a good start. Design-wise there is room for improvement, especially with some of the radii and of course the keycaps.

It’s got to be either MT3 or the original set. Cherry/OEM would not work for me.
But seeing how long this project has been underway it might take a very long time.

Edit: Being inspired by the IC, I wrote down my journey of my Commodore love inspired project here.

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I was popping through some of the projects I was interested in. Haven’t seen an update on this in a while. Looks like they have a 3d print model from earlier this week.

It’s looks good maybe a touch tall but so was the original


ooh that does look nice!

I’m so glad they’re still working on it. I’m constantly keeping this one in the back of my mind, but it’s kind of cluttered there if I’m honest.


I don’t want to be deemed a heritic, but I wouldn’t mind if the height was slimmed down to modern standards while retaining the design otherwise. Who knows, the height may be part and parcel to the look though.

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I never had a C64 (I was born in 98 lmao) but I’ve always wanted one and even if its just a keyboard based off it Id love to get one

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It’s your lucky decade! The C64 (standard “maxi” with full size functional keyboard, not the mini model) is a very good replica od the original. Bought it last year around this time and while I haven’t played with it regularly it did take me on a few memory trips worth the price (for me). :slight_smile:


They don’t do too many updates outside of discord, sharing the renders from there.

Beige is pretty sweet and expected but blue :eyes:


Yeah, I wasn’t sure they could come out with any other possible colors that I’d want more than Commodore Cream, but the blue definitely gives it some competition.

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oh god i want that cream one for the authentic look but that blue is also speaking to me. Whats their discord server?

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