Custom Keycap Puller

A genius made a custom keycap puller that looks like it uses a handle similar to a knife. I love the craftsmanship put into this. I believe somewhere that where sold in a very limited buy (not sure if it is the same person).

I do not have the tools or skillset to make something of this quality. But I am thinking about making something similar with a screwdriver handle using a Dremel, resin or solder, and a cheapo keycap puller. Realistically not expecting it to be any better then a regular keycap puller but A E S T H E T I C S. These are the screwdriver options I have (leaning towards the PB Swiss red one or Wera green/black).

Does anyone know anything more about the knife handle ones? Or seen anything similar out in the wild?


Got some info from @mfchill (thanks!) about the Reddit Key pullers

The Reddit key pullers are made by oTEMPE5To who has sold a few:

On my screwdriver conversion adventure. I wanted to see how possible this was so I hacked up my cheapest Craftsman screwdriver. Cutting off the metal shaft, no problem easy work for the Dremel. Drilling out the tool hardened steal %@#. Regular drill bit didn’t work, titanium drill bit useless. Dremel grinding stone barely worked. Now that I think it is possible I will try with one of the nicer ones but I am a little weary on how much of a pain its going to be on high end swiss metal…

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Can’t you simply just buy screwdriver handles? :thinking:

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Thanks! that would be signifigantly easier lol. Looks like file handles are fairly common option. I have a couple of multibit screwdriver that would work and are already hallow but going for something that is just the right size and weight.

Fortunately I decided to Google how to remove a screwdriver from a handle before I messed with my nicer screwdriver. :man_facepalming:

This worked really well took about 3 minutes.

So now I just have to figure out what glue/ epoxy to use. Also keeping everything level/straight is going to be challenging.

Done! Went with hot glue. If it fails I will replace that with epoxy or resin. Used lots of painters tape to keep everything straight. I used it to remove a full set of keys so far no problems. Happy with the result.

I have another one prepped out to go from a razer blade handle just waiting on a sacrificial keycap puller to arrive. Both handles have a nice soft grip texture and weight to them. Feels much nicer then the plastic ones.


Nice! :+1:
Now make a butterfly one. :upside_down_face:

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You should do ones color matching with each of your keycap sets :slight_smile:

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But if you want a good one to use I think a T-handle would make the pulling swift. :thinking:
I mean, who pulls the vinecork out with a straight handle…

The keycap puller was working great until 2 year old got ahold of it. The hot glue was no match for her… Fortunately I rebuilt it even stronger. This time I took a keycap puller and cut out a cylinder of plastic using the Dremel until it just barely squeezed inside the screwdriver handle. Then used pliers and pressure to push it down securing it in place. Finished it off with a piece of heat shrink. This set of keycap puller wires also needed to be polished so they slid over the keycaps smoothly (another case for the Dremel and some left over diamond polish). It is rock solid now and looks better than v1.


Unfortunately I didn’t have any handles that were tshaped lol. But anything you can drill into will work :slight_smile:

Trying not to do this but I will be ordering a few more handles soon lol.

Random thought there could be something on the wirepuller to eject a keycap that way you can go down a board super quick taking all the keys off. I tried a bunch of thing but couldn’t find anything that would work just right. Going in a different direction I added a piece of plastic that allows ejecting the keycaps by pushing it to open up the wires and drop out the keycaps. It works and is a one hand operation but I am not sure if this is a real “problem” or not.