Custom Keycap Puller

Love the colours. GB when? :slight_smile:


I would highly recommend trying the build guide first. It is very satisfying to pull the screwdriver apart by hand :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If a few regulars here want one you can PM me. If a few people are interested I can see what put together but it would be kind of expensive and shipping outside of the USA would also be expensive

Oh no that already sounds like a IC / GB process :man_facepalming: what have I done…


Found a few old failed pullers cleaning out some stuff. Hit them with a kitchen torch and got some neat blues with this technique. Not sure what I will do with this info but it was fun :smiley:


I cant believe I never saw this thread, I am glad to see other people trying their hands at making these, even coming up with different ways of operating them! I have not really made all that many recently, just kind of lost the drive. But should get back into it some day. Here is one of my favorites, Made with a Black G10 core, White Juma and Titanium bolsters, with brass pins; and another one that came out really nice looking for how basic it is. Shred copper carbon fiber, with a polished copper core, and homemade mosaic pins.

Have not made one from tape yet LOL


it might pay to warm those wires up a bit again, just to normalize them a bit, they ‘might’ have gotten brittle doing that :slight_smile:

I remember seeing one of your pullers on reddit a while ago, they look amazing! are you currently selling any?

no sir not at this point. sorry about that !

Thanks to you for inspiring this post!

Good point on the reheating. I heated and quenched it in oil a few times after this. It did lose some of the vibrant blues. Not sure if that was the heating process and/or I rubbed it off. It was recommended doing a clear coat but I am trying to avoid doing that as the wire is so thin.

It is tricky, at least for me, to get a consistent color though out. Left no heating, middle medium heating, right high heat.

I have been polishing the tips with a Dremel and paste for smoothness and appearances. A downside of the heat treatment is they don’t glide as nice over the keycaps as untreated/polished. I tried oil, stainless steel polish, car wax. Not sure how to get around this yet, maybe R0-59? Forming wires from scratch is way further then I want to go it takes a lot of skill and the tolerances are tight to get just right around keycaps.

This idea came up because I visited a blacksmith demonstration with my son earlier this week. I kind of want to make an awl shaped handle (or purchase one and stain it) topped with a darkened wires for the old school look. Long term project I have a bazillion pullers to carry me though till then.


Small batch of pullers for some friends


Those are pretty slick! Just don’t turn that pineapple upside down. :upside_down_face:

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@chono inspired the switchblade edition :rofl:

Switch blade2

Regular Quality Video and images:


Iconic lmao :rofl:



Leave some ladies for the rest of us!!!



It’s perfect. Portability, menace, and function. Just like the real thing if just a bit less stabby stabby.



love it

Where do you get the switch pullers? Or how do you get them to look like those!?? Also where do you buy the handles i was thinking of building myself a all white one to go with my set up

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