Desk Pads / Desk Mats

This should be a go-to resource for existing and new users to look for regular to extended Desk Mats / Desk Pads.

AliExpress - Holy grail of Desk Mats with prints ranging custom, anime, PUBG, CS, anime, etc. [Tread with caution, especially with custom mats with rubber base - number of bad quality reports]
Amazon - A large resource to buy mouse pads and desk mats. Advantage - shipping and replacement. [suggested by @stevesie]
Dixie Mech - The fabulous Meka Mats.
Flash Quark - Cherry MX / Mechanical Switch Desk mats with stitched edges.
Grovemade - Matte linoleum desk mats (via @cijanzen)
iLUMKB - SGP-based site that hosts GB for SEA region for desk mats and also has some custom ones.
InkedGaming - Custom pads with loads of size options. [suggested by @donutcat]
Keebmat - Vendor of custom size keyboard mats.
Keyclack - Topre switch Mousepads [hat tip @AugustCanaille]
Kinetic Labs - Suggested by a user.
KPRepublic - Cherry MX / Mechanical Switch Desk Pads without stitched edges.
Massdrop - Game of patience. Enter at your own risk.
Mechs and Co - New site that started off with some original GB just for some really gorgeous vector art-based desk mats
MousePads Cool - Large to desk size mousepads [h/t @caleb]
NovelKeys - Quality deskpads to match your Keysets.
PCGaming Race - Glorious Desk Mats ranging up to XXXL.
Rama Works - Canvas Deskmat for 60% and 65% keyboards [h/t @sK0pe]
Shiden Kai - Japanese Artisan Desk mats, mostly targeted at eSports.
Switch Source - Cherry MX / Mechanical Switch Desk Pads with stitched edges.
X-Raypad - Customizable deskmats (via @korbin73)
Zap Cables - Custom designed, funky looking desk mats.

Gaming Desk Mats

ASUS - ROG family desk mats.
Cooler Master - RGB glow and other desk mats as well as mouse pads.
Corsair - RGB glow, hard surface, cloth, and even one with wireless charging!
Cougar Gaming - Balanced, Speed, and Control desk mats for gamers.
Dell Alienware - Just one extended mouse pad for Alienware fans.
Dream Machines - Speed and control with microfibre surface and rubber base.
HyperX - Stitched edge and textured with red accents and colors.
Logitech - Large desk mat with rubber base.
Mionix - Deskmats with food symbols.
Razer - Variety of control and speed mouse pads along with aluminum and RGB glow ones.
Roccat - Precision Cloth, Silicone surface and double-sided mouse pads for gamers.
Steel Series - RGB glow, Cloth, and Textured Cloth desk mats, highly recommended by pro gamers and enthusiasts.
Tt eSPORTS - RGB Glow in Hard and Cloth editions, other mouse pads.
Turtle Beach - For gamers.
Zowie - Cloth and Low-friction deskmats, recommended for gaming.

Please recommend more stores that offer Desk Mats / Desk Pads.


I feel like Amazon should be there also. Plenty of mats to choose from, a lot with Prime, if you have it. If Aliexpress is there, Amazon should be too.

You can use the sellers on Ali to get custom printed ones also; I recently did this for me and a friend.

The quality was about 6.8/10, fuzzy print and the mat is not as thick as id like.


Yeah. I wanted to put Amazon but then there are so many known as well as obscure brands, wasn’t sure if I should really add to the chaos.

Has anyone used the Shidenkai Mats before? The Glass Coating seems like a slick idea.

Fair enough. Maybe just a reference to it then? Not necessarily a link. (people know how to go to Amazon and look for things.)

I actually have a 120x60 desk mat from :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, it’s a big as you think it is… (and that’s also what she said).

Sure. Adding it. Need to find a proper keyword since Amazon search is bonkers. x)

lol. fair enough. “gaming mat” seems to bring up many of them.

Oh absolutely. Best part is that you can get the custom printed ones in stitched versions too. That adds more life to them desk mats. :slight_smile:

Tried Mouse Pads and it shows both. So I guess we’re covered for now. Unless you see different results, do let know. Shall place another link there.

Totally cool idea. Not sure how our regular optical mice would perform. The optical mice usually have trouble tracking on glass surfaces. Laser mice work perfectly with glass surfaces.

This ^^ is entirely based on the forum-based discussions over the web. No idea how Shiden Kai mats work with optical mice.

I recommend InkedGaming for custom designs: ~280*900mm
Custom Extended XL Mousepad (36" x 18") – Inked Gaming ~450*900mm

The quality of their printing is frankly amazing and they’ve recently upgraded to stitched edges with the design going over them. Plus I’ve put my older one through the wash at least five times so far and even with unstitched edges it comes out just fine, and the colors are super vibrant again when it’s nice and clean. Not to mention, they’ve got a bunch of other stuff available to add custom designs to.

Recent order with new stitched edges

My first order

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Good set of options in there. Added to the list. Thank you. :+1:

Has nobody done any leather desk mats? That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while.

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Oco tried and failed on Massdrop 2 years ago with leather desk mats

Found these two on Amazon. Seems to be quite popular.
1 - Leatherology
2 - Dacasso

I like em thiccc

I would be really cautious when ordering mats from AliExpress again, you have to double-check everything, including THE QUALITY. I’ve purchased one of the “mats”, uploaded 4k image, paid about 30$ for a 1200x900x3 mat. Well, it shipped and it stinked as shit, the rubber smell NEVER EVER WENT AWAY not matter if you wash it, dry it, “ventilate” in air. Threw it away.

I am really sad that other options are not available, as Novelkeys is consistently out of stock.
That would be great to order the mats directly.

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Really sorry that you had to go through it. Sucks when a product takes eons to be delivered and turns out be unusable. I’ll add that special comment in the list.

Thanks for bring up this point, I missed out while compiling the list.