Desk Pads / Desk Mats


Super good list! I just was on a hunt for the switch diagram ones, finally Flashquark added the Cherry diagram pads, so I ordered the orange on black version. Keyclack has the Topre diagram (though it is expensive) and I really hope Mike at Novelkeys designs a Kailh BOX switch schematic desk pad.


Interesting. Do you remember what the reason for failure was?

The ones I’m currently contemplating doing will be hand-made in California from Italian leather and fancy beyond all decent contemplation—like Hermès-grade fancy. So if the OCo ones failed because they were too expensive, maybe that’s a bad sign. :thinking:


I have a whole desk mouse pad from that fits my standing desk perfectly. It’s 60" x 30", and I’m very happy with the quality.

When I ordered it it was 60 bucks.

The website looks so bad, but I would definitely order from them again.


The failure came from the high price, but I think that was because he tried to only run it for the keyboard community which was as developed at the time. I think if he (or anyone) ran a nice leather table mat now it would make the numbers needed.


Any luck with Shiden Kai mats?


Rama works canvas desk mat.
I personally think the 60cm by 25cm dimensions make it pretty meh for mouse users but would be pretty good for Trackball users.

I’ll probably get it for work.

The first Rama product which you won’t have to save up for.


Excuse me for adding your suggestion so late.