Donut Cables - Site Updates and Belated Holiday Sales Announcement!

Hey, guess who realized they didn’t actually have a vendor thread up over here :thinking:

Consider taking a look at what I’m offering, maybe hit me up for some custom work, and keep an eye out for some upcoming projects.

Current status: Fulfillment is back to pretty much normal; cables are currently on about a 1week schedule with some fluctuation, PCB/board-only orders are at least 1-2day but so far have been same/next day based on order time.

Board assembly queue: 0

In IC currently is ePBT Royal Alpha, also at Geekhack and Keebtalk.

Heard back from Wei earlier this week, they’re back working on stuff after the hiatus and we’re getting this ball rolling again. Small spacebars were confirmed to be convex and we’re confirming a small typo to get fixed up then we should be ready to launch soon™.

I’ll be sending out a newsletter when the GB launches, so to be notified go to and subscribe to the email newsletter at the bottom under “Know when we’re doing neat things”.

Along with a new link I’ve updated the listing to better encompass connector options and give room for expansion of options down the line. New additions include USB B for my /r/fightsticks friendos and the return of clear heatshrink after all this time. Changes to the connector options also means no more chance of that bug that wasn’t properly calculating cable price with some combinations. Also forgot to mention that 1ft cables are back.

Techflex will be back soon™ as I’m setting up a separate listing for it due to Shopify’s built in variation management and issues with my previous attempt to circumvent that. Also I’ve kinda forgotten how I used to do double-sleeving so I need to practice a bit before I can get back to it.

Other nifty stuff is in the works. I’d like to have Aviator and other fancy connectors in stock at some point as currently they’re custom-order-only. MDPC-X I’d also still like to get to at some point, but that’s a chunkier investment than I can manage atm. Hit me up if there’s other things you’d like to see me do.

[Custom hardware projects intensify]

Keep an eye out

Big, coiled goodness you could beat someone with(not endorsed), USB A to Mini or unterminated only, same color options as in the GB.

Possibly the biggest macro pad to exist with more keys than you can shake a stick at, there’s still PCBs, controllers, diode packs, and mounting packs available. If you really want it assembled then I’ll consider it.

Currently on the last pack of these boards so once they’re gone it’ll be much harder to find these.

Need something soldered? Desoldered? Both? I gotcha covered. I’ll do most board-building and repair stuff except for lubing. Submission form and more info in the link. I’ll also take commission on a variety of other work, just check the MM post for more info.

Current queue time is under one week.


Planning on Techflex being up soon™, maybe later this week. Currently ironing out hiccups in the listing to do with option selection.

curious about trying to build another Hi-Pro budget96. Would you be able to provide the acryilc cut files and list of hardware? Again, just curious.

Yes, I’ve been providing files when requested but I’ve been meaning to throw them up on Github or something so they’re more easily accessible. Give me a bit and I’ll actually get on that tonight and post here and in the GH thread when I’ve got stuff up. I’ll have to hit up Jolimon for the hipro cut file as I seem to not have that on hand, but I’ve got the middle and plates.

@donutcat I sent you a PM

@pixelpusher As promised, here we are. Once I hear back from Jolimon I’ll have the hipro layer included.

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Good stuff! I appreciate it. Any recommendations for companies that can makes cuts?

For acrylic stuff I know Jolimon can, though iirc he doesn’t keep stock of the 9mm frosted used for the GB mids. If you’re looking for FR4 plates then JLC is probably your best bet for price. One thing to keep in mind is in the past I’ve had issues with a couple designs with them not being able to read the mask file from my Kicad Gerber export, so I had to manually specify to them to apply mask to the entire copper surface for the plates. I might try re-exporting the files since Kicad has updated a few times since then, in case it’s on my end.

@donutcat one of the tiny SMT diodes fell off my Budget96 rendering the P key inoperable. Rather than jump it I’d rather order a diode. Can you tell me what I should order and where?

Some small updates over time:


Holy delayed updates, batman! I kinda forgot af about this this post existing.

First update: is now ! Things went a little fucky-wucky with ownership and dns settings on the old domain, so this is where I’m parked for the time being. Most links should redirect until I can get them updated.

Second thing: Holiday sales!

Cables - Includes “Custom Cables - Paracord” and “Custom Cables - Techflex
Flat 10% discount on single cables and a stacking 5% on top of that per additional cable that caps at 50%.

Paracord goodies - Includes “Paracord Pineapple” and “Paracord Pumpkin
Flat drop to $8.50/ea for the sale duration.

These will be active until at least the end of January. Refreshing in the cart page may be required for the discount to propagate.